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Window Replacement: Things that Can Inflate Your Budget

Tackling window replacement in Utah, California, Texas, or anywhere else in America is often considered as a sound expense. Although windows do not generate 100% ROI when you put your property on the market, they help pay for themselves by reducing your energy costs. This project is also considered as a capital improvement, which decreases your tax obligation when you sell your house.

Windows come in different price points, but expect to spend a couple of thousands of dollars. If you make wrong choices, even in the name of cost reduction, you might wind up spending more money than you should. Below are the things you must not do to avoid overspending on window replacement.

Funding Your Project with an Unsecured Loan

If you are like most homeowners without a large sum of cash lying around, you need to seek financing to fund your project. Taking out a loan is not the issue; applying for the wrong one is.

The most convenient loans to obtain are usually the most expensive because they involve higher interest. Buying new windows with plastic, for instance, can make your project much more costly, and you may not realize it at first because you get to pay on installment.

To borrow adequate funds for your project and pay the least interest at the same time, go for a secured loan. A home equity loan is one of your safest bets, for a lender will have less risk to loan you the money when you use your house as security.

Make no mistake about it: Not all secured loans come with low interest. A title loan, for example, is crazy expensive because it is intended for borrowers most lenders try to avoid.

DIYing the Installation

There is no denying that labor accounts for a large portion of your project’s cost. However, skipping professional service is not the answer to reduce your overall expenditure.

Handling the installation yourself means you have to buy your own tools and supplies retail. If you ruin something, you may inadvertently void the product warranty.

Splitting the Work with a Professional Installer

When you hire a professional, you can’t use sweat equity to lower your labor cost. The beauty of working with a professional installer is getting a craft warranty, which may be nullified if you try to get involved in construction.

Pulling a Permit Yourself

Unpermitted window replacement is generally illegal. But if you are asked you to obtain a permit yourself, it is a sign that your contractor is not up to the task. If an inspector considers the job inconsistent with the latest building code, you will be required to redo everything and virtually double your spending.

Agreeing to Unnecessary Add-ons

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Made-to-order windows lend themselves to customization. It can be tempting to adorn your replacement units with everything you can; every extra will be added to the bill.

Know the difference between practicality and irrationality when planning your window replacement budget. Take your time to understand how the process works, explore all of your options, and weigh the pros and cons of each choice to minimize your spending.

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