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How Much Should You Spend in Utah to Install an Outdoor Fire Pit?

The average cost varies for building an outdoor fire pit in Utah. It may cost at least $300 depending on the materials, labor fees, and type of fuel source.

Other factors that affect the actual price include the fire pit’s size, custom features, and permits if necessary. You can choose among prefabricated kits, above ground, or in-ground units with inserts. Aboveground units are the least expensive among the three options, while in-ground fire pits may cost thousands of dollars. Take note that fire pits are different from indoor and outdoor fireplaces. In Utah, a professional masonry builder is your best source of knowledge.

Prices per Material

If you choose to build an in-ground unit, choose concrete blocks since these are the most affordable option. You can buy the material for as low as $110 per project. Brick paver or firebrick materials cost $280 on average per project, while fire pits made of stone or fieldstone may cost $300 per project. Those made of Nicolock and Unilock Stones will cost $500 each. Techno-Bloc Valencia fire pits are the most expensive at $610 per project.

On the other hand, prefab kits that you can buy at the store range from $500 to $600. A standard kit usually contains all items for building an outdoor fire pit. You can also choose custom pieces for a personalized design. Consider choosing between an in-ground and prefab units, instead of above-ground fire pits. Most aboveground units don’t last long because these are more prone to rust.

Cost of Labor

You can save money on professional labor fees through a DIY installation, which can only cost at least $200. However, there are certain risks due to an improperly installed fire pit such as explosions from using the wrong stones, gas leaks and electrical shocks.

The usual hourly rate for hiring a contractor costs $55 or roughly $340 for each project. Hence, the price difference isn’t that significant to consider risking your safety. The need to hire a contractor also becomes more necessary when you plan to use traditional sources of fuel.

Safety Precautions

Firepit in patio

You need to take extra precautions if you choose a wood-burning fire pit. It needs to be installed in an open area away from low-hanging branches of trees and plants. Some communities may restrict the use of wood as a fuel source, especially when you live in a windy area to prevent starting a house fire. Never install a fire pit in a covered porch for the same reason.

Don’t put a fire pit on a wooden deck no matter how attractive the idea may seem to you. You shouldn’t also build one near your house, on your lawn, or overhang structures. When in doubt, ask a masonry expert for advice on choosing the right location.

Choose a masonry professional who specializes in any kind of fire pit installation. If you live in Sandy or Ogden, hire a nearby contractor to save money. Some service providers may charge a higher rate if your location is too far from them.

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