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Nautical Niceties: Building a Coastal Garden

The default for most garden design is Victorian aesthetics. Some adventurous homeowners may even try Japanese zen garden, and if they want to take it one step further, they will try building a rock garden. A lot of people are stuck with the usual Western designs when they can dress up their garden differently. If you are trying to find something new, why not use seaside aesthetics. In this regard, this means you can create a coastal garden.

Coastal garden aesthetics is not boxed. It also has a lot of variations to choose from. You may decide to execute one design plan, but you may even choose to elegantly blend two themes, resulting in one beautiful look. If the idea of a coastal garden is quite new for you, do not worry, as there will always be ways to make things much easier for you.

First off, you need to decide which design you are going to implement. Do you want to incorporate some Tuscan flavor? Are you looking for a tropical beauty? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Nevertheless, here are some basic pointers that can serve as your foundation.

Pick the appropriate plants


The plants are obviously among the things that will make your yard truly “coastal” in aesthetics. With that, you ought to pick plants that generally grow along seasides, which can also thrive in a suburban or urban setting. For that tropical vibes, you may want to have some palm or coconut trees. Shrubs are also coastal items that your garden must have. In this case, coastal rosemary or Westringia fruticosa is a nice touch. Succulents, cactus, and agaves can give your coastal garden a Central American flair.

Coastal gardens are also supposed to look colorful, so do not be afraid to introduce some colorful flowers. In this case, cotton lavender is among the choices you may want to include. Do not hesitate to include fountain grasses that sway beautifully with the winds.

Bring some textures

A lot of reputable landscape designers in Spokane, WA, always recommend bringing in some texture, so that the garden will not look flat or one-dimensional. One way of doing it is by creating a sand bed that will give your garden a beach vibe. You may even get some coastal rocks and stones to line the sand bed or even complement the beauties of the flower.

Add the details

The devil is in the detail, as many designers would like to put. You can set up wooden fences to make the coastal beauty much more obvious. Large pergolas and wooden chairs are also nice touches. If you are living in a much higher elevation, you may create a vista by installing a wooden deck or balcony.

Building a coastal garden may be something that you can do if you want to create something different and unusual. This is also the type of aesthetics you may want to have if you plan to get a taste of coastal lifestyles. What is more interesting here is that coastal gardens are much easier to achieve than expected.

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