Spa Day

Have Your Own Spa Day

After weeks of hard work in the office, you or your partner might be exhausted. Either of you probably wants to relax. Now, you or your partner can go to a resort for relaxation, but sometimes, you want to stay at home. Fortunately, you can bring the spa to your house. With some preparation and a jetted tub in your Salt Lake City home, you can enjoy a spa day!

Save Much with a Home Spa

Commercial spas can cost you hundreds of dollars for complete relaxation services. At-home spas, however, cost you only a few dollars if you want to splurge at a minimum. To start preparing for your DIY spa, you have to anticipate when you or your partner will have extended hours off. An afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday will be enough. If your weekdays are usually busy, you should schedule your spa experience several days in advance. Doing so will help you avoid undue stress.

Set the Mood

For an at-home spa day, the mood will be the first thing that you have to prepare for. What spa essentials could you bring to your house? Candles, fresh flowers, essential oils, bath salts, instrumental music, tea, and more. Find the mentioned products so that you can quickly get in the mood.

On the day of the spa, you also need to prepare the space. You can use your bedroom. Night or day, close the curtains or blinds and play instrumental music.


getting a massage

It’s time for the preliminary activities. You can steam your face or opening pores in preparation for succeeding therapy. Simply pour hot water into a bowl with a few herbs and essential oils. About ten minutes of steaming will be enough.

Also, you can scrub yourself or your partner. Exfoliating body washes clean the skin. Apply a hair mask that will perfectly match with the main event.

The Main Event

For the main event, you can prepare a bath in your jetted tub. Mix the wash with your favorite product. Soak yourself or lead your partner into the water. Relax and stay there for as long as you want! Champagne or tea on-hand will be perfect.

At this point, the road diverges depending on whom the spa day is for. When you prepared the spa day for yourself, you can rinse off and wear a face mask for the final touches on your relaxation time.

When you prepared the spa day for your partner, you can lead him or her next to a massage. Practice doing the massage well. You can even learn how to massage your partner sensually. Either way, you can help him or her relax even more.

In the end, once you are done with your spa day, the last step is to sleep. Slip into your comfortable sleeping clothes. Sink into your bed and look forward to the next day. If you need more suggestions about relaxing with your loved ones at home, you can look for other reliable sources online.

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