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Healthier Spaces: Improving Building Conditions for Employees

Back then, when people talked about offices, the focus was on efficiency. Nowadays, more and more are realising how important maintaining one’s health is to productivity in the workplace. As a result, owners of corporate buildings are coming up with ways to help companies and their employees keep in shape. Various additions and modifications are now available for installation and use in office spaces and structures. If you haven’t started paying attention to worker health yet, then you might want to give these suggestions a try:

Let Them Take a Bath

It might sound unusual to think of taking a bath in the office, but it can become a great boon if you consider the advantages. Aside from sleep and coffee, a shower can do wonders in waking up people, and it can encourage them to be more physical as well. Install shower cubicles in New Zealand where your office is and watch employees go about their work refreshed – literally and figuratively – and ready. This is especially effective when the business is 24/7, as in the case of international call centres.

Bring Nature In

People aren’t meant to stay in stuffy buildings and completely close themselves off from nature. If they can’t go outside because of their work, then you can bring elements of the outdoors inside. Make space for plants to grow in the building so that you’ll all have a spot to both rest and feast your eyes on. Also, provide a way for air to circulate freely within the structure. You can also include nature-influenced designs in your building’s interior to make the transition between the natural and man-made elements smoother.

Light It Up

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It’s a known fact that having ample lighting helps make spaces look bigger than they are. However, we’re not just talking about maintaining ample lighting inside the building. The structure should be built to make more use of natural lighting. It doesn’t just save on energy in the daytime, but it also raises the mood of the people inside. For the artificial lights, it’s suggested to use LEDs so that you’ll be able to conserve electricity and reduce the heat that builds up.

Use Human-friendly Materials

You might have the structure thought through, but it won’t be worth much if you’re using materials that would bring health problems after prolonged use. There are substances used in constructing, decorating, and cleaning the building that can contribute to pollution in the air and affect people. Check if your place uses any of these materials and replace them with alternatives as soon as you can. Having cleaner air is always better for the people in your building as well as their productivity and profit.

As someone who is in charge of where people work, it’s one of your responsibilities to keep them safe. Helping maintain their good health is one of those overlooked ways as to how you can do it. You yourself might not think it is a priority yet, but you’ll realise its importance when you see the results of the tenants’ increased productivity.

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