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Why You Should Be a Part of a Car Club

If you’re a first-time car owner, you might have noticed that people will start asking you if you’re part of a car club. Car clubs are organizations comprised of people who are enthusiastic about a specific brand or model of a car. It’s a great place to meet people with the same interests as you, and learn more about your car and how it operates.

Here are more reasons to join a car club:

Friendly and Dependable Advice

First and foremost, car clubs are a community of people with the same interest in an item that is very dear to them: their car. Because of their shared love for their car, the car club then becomes a family, and anyone who becomes a part of the community automatically becomes part of that family. Outside of official meet-ups, you can usually interact with car club members in online forums or chat groups in messaging apps. Here you can find all sorts of advice, tips, and is generally a safe space where newbie members can ask car-specific questions.

There are also model-specific car clubs, which means that newbies can ask veteran owners of the car they have about model-specific problems and issues. Car clubs like this also mean that veteran owners can recommend trustworthy garages and shops for newbies to take their car to if they have major problems. In fact, if you’re lucky, you can even ask veteran members for spare parts. At the very least, they can refer you to a supplier who’s willing to give club members a discount.

Big Deals on Parts and Repairs

Most car clubs are sponsored by various businesses; some of them include car part suppliers and garages. Being part of a car club usually gives you access to a wide network of reliable people who can get you good deals on parts and provide you with services that other people might not have access to.

Some car clubs charge an annual membership fee. While this might seem unnecessary, it’s a good investment considering that it’s usually a small amount, and the privileges you get can extend to various essentials like providing help filing registration for your car, helping you find a comprehensive insurance plan, or pointing you to their favorite decal or accessories store.

Big Deals on Parts and Repairs

Mod Culture

One of the best parts of having a car is that you can modify it to suit your tastes as much as possible. Modding vehicles is a big thing for a lot of people, and many car clubs have members who are expert modders as well.

You can also considering joining a specialist owner’s club, one that caters specifically to car-specific owners looking to mod extensively. Members in these clubs will usually have fantastic advice on modding and can even give you tips on installing body kits, help you find rare parts and accessories, and help you do performance tuning and suspension.

Community Life

Like what was mentioned earlier, car clubs are more like communities for like-minded people. Sharing the same passion helps bring people together, and you’ll find that car club communities are some of the friendliest communities out there and they’re always willing to help you get as excited about their car or brand as they are.

Car clubs also get more than just great sponsorship discount on parts, they also get special deals on anything car-related, like movie passes to car movies, special discounts in certain restaurants during race days, and many more.

See The Country

Many car clubs in the country and around the world usually organize cross-country trips on regular occasions just so everyone in the club can experience riding their car over long distances. It’s a great way to bond with other members, see places that you otherwise might not have visited, and most importantly get behind the wheel of your favorite vehicle.

Many car clubs have chapters around the country, which gives you and your local group an excuse to go around and participate in car shows, where you can grow your professional network.

vintage car owners

Resources for Rare/Vintage Car Owners

Rare and vintage car owners have some of the best incentives for joining a car club. Because of a car club’s unique network, rare and vintage car owners have a reliable place to have their treasure maintained. Rare and vintage cars usually require highly specific tools, parts, and techniques to preserve their aesthetics, engine performance, and other essentials.

Many rare and vintage car clubs offer its member’s specialized contacts that can help them maintain their car in all of its shining glory.

Gearheads Haven

Some newbies get intimidated from joining a car club because they believe it’s only for the experts. However, think of car clubs less as a place for veterans to hang out and more like a school from which you can learn. The more time you spend with a car club, the more you absorb information about cars, parts, engine performance, tires, and all things car related.

Car clubs are a perfect place to learn more about how cars work from people who are knowledgeable, reliable, and passionate. It’s the next best thing to actually attending mechanic school!

Fulfilling Your Need for Speed

Car clubs that are dedicated to racing often organize local events and races that members can take part in. Here, you can live out your F1 or Rally fantasies by tuning up your car (with the help of club members and mechanics) and signing up for your club-sponsored race.

These events are often multi-day affairs that involve racing, car shows, plenty of music, food, beer, and a lot of good times.

All in all, membership in a car club offers a lot of perks, benefits, and a chance to mingle with people who are passionate about the same things as you are. It’s a great place to learn more about your car, and to attend events like races or cross-country trips. Car clubs also provide members with special promos and discounts on all things car related, and can even help you out when you buy a new car.

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