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Why Metal Fencing is a Popular Choice

Installing a fence is an excellent way to mark your property. It provides a variety of advantages. The problem is that there many materials to choose from when it comes to fencing around your home. However, one material does stand out: metal.

The materials for metal fences include aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. Each has properties that every homeowner would appreciate.

Here’s a quick look at what using metal for your fencing can bring to the table:

Increased Security

Metal materials are generally better for security than wood and other fencing options. When people think about security, they don’t see wood and other options. High metal fences with spear-topped pickets are very intimidating to any potential intruder. You won’t see anyone cut through this sort of fencing. It is possible to climb it, but it will take a lot of effort and courage to jump over.

Highly Decorative

Metal fences can be very decorative. If you’ve ever seen fancy wrought iron fences, you would be able to understand the type of ambiance that you are aiming for. Fancy design and unique decorations can be integrated into this type of fencing. You won’t normally find these on wooden and vinyl fences.

It is not just wrought iron that gets to be decorated. Powder-coated steel or aluminum can also be used for decorative fencing. They come in several styles and they are available in heights of four to five feet and lengths of up to 12 feet.

Lower Cost in the Long Run

When you buy a metal fence, you are going to be spending more than normal. Wood, PVC, and other materials can be inexpensive at the beginning. However, a metal fence can have a comparable price with other materials. Upfront costs for metal fences can be high because you will be buying the fencing and then installing them around your property.

Installing metal fence posts is not something that an amateur would do. You need to hire a professional contractor since the metal fence posts need to be buried deeper. That can add to the costs. However, you will probably not spend any amount on the fence for many years, as it is highly durable and requires little to no maintenance.

Better Flexibility

Metal fence in a residential area
Metal materials may look like they are too hard. The truth is that metal fencing materials can adapt and bend to counter itself to be bent to match the landscape. Other materials are too rigid or fragile. You can also get personalized fences for your property, thanks to the malleability of the material.

Long-Term Durability

Metal fencing materials are also very durable. Though wrought iron is susceptible to rust, good maintenance will be able to enhance the fences’ service life. Anti-rust treatments are also available to further protect the fences from damage.

With all the benefits of using metal as your fencing material, you should seriously consider it for your project. The wide variety of options allows for more flexibility when it comes to fencing. Choose a metal that works best with your property to get the results you want.

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