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Other Things You Can Do on a Ski Trip

Skiing is one of those activities that take a lot to set up but turns into an experience that you’re not going to forget easily. The feeling of whizzing down a snow-covered mountain or hill with the wind in your hair and weaving or ducking between dips and small hills is an adrenaline-filled experience with a spectacular view to match.

However, skiing down the cliffs and slopes isn’t for everyone. Some are perfect for that flashy Bogner’s ski wear while others are not. The good news is a skiing trip is still a vacation, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy at the lodge or around the area.

Here are the other things you can do:

Just chill

It may sound weird, but perhaps one of the best ways to spend an outdoor vacation is to stay inside, especially after a tiring tour around a ski resort. There’s a special feeling that comes from bundling up in cold weather, and it’s the kind of warmth that you can only get by wrapping up. Not to mention all the hot drinks, the roaring fire, and the thermal clothing. Sure, going out is fine, but staying inside to just chill and relax or watch the view of the slope isn’t bad either.

Play in the snow

Of course, playing in the snow doesn’t always have to involve skiing. Go sledging, enjoy a nice snowball fight, or take one of those ski lifts to see the sights around you. Skiing is only one of the many things you can do in the snow.

Enjoy the amenities

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Lodges and resorts will often have amenities, such as an indoor sauna, heated pools, Jacuzzis, complimentary tours, room service, and spas for all the guests to enjoy. While skiing may be the first thing on your mind once your boots touch the snow, it’s not the only thing that’s available to you. Make the most of the facilities since it’s a vacation and you won’t get to enjoy them for very long.


Ski lodges are often set on beautiful cliff sides and mountains with a breathtaking view of the area for miles around. This often means a variety of hiking trails, snowmobile rentals, and a lot of walking. Exploring the area can give you a newfound appreciation for where you are, which is somewhat difficult if you’re whizzing along down the slope at top speed, as you’re focused on your safety and your goal of riding the slopes gracefully.

Just take a moment

Finally, it’s quite possible to just take a seat at the balcony, enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and do nothing at all. Being in a new place allows you to relax and experience a peaceful moment.

In the middle of all the excitement and going to and from different items on your itinerary, just taking a moment to appreciate where you are is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying things you can do during a ski trip or any type of vacation.

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