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Modern Roofing Options: More Light, Less UV

Everyone loves sunlight, but behind it are dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV radiation can damage your body, the plants in your greenhouse, and even the items inside your house. However, there is a way to enjoy the sunlight without harmful UV.

Sky Lights and Deck Options

A little extra lighting in the house is good (especially free lighting), but exposing your home to sunlight also it exposes it to harmful UV rays. UV exposure can cause colors to faint and paint to crack. However, what’s alarming is its effect on people. Chronic exposure to UV can increase your chances of developing cancer as well as bring about premature aging. Guard yourself against UV by using polycarbonate sheets for your skylight and roofing options. They filter the UV while letting in the same amount of light. Polycarbonate sheets have been used throughout the UK (and the rest of the world) as a viable and economical alternative to glass, particularly for large structures like overhead covers and awnings for commercial establishments that make use of natural light. While polycarbonate sheets are quite suitable for skylights and roofing options, clearer polycarbonate glass for windows can be a bit more expensive. While the material is ten times stronger than glass, provides better insulation, and is safer (being shatter-proof), it might be less expensive just to have your windows coated with UV filtering film.

Greenhouse Crops and Plants

Your greenhouse plants need a lot of sunlight, but the UV in sunlight can be quite damaging to them. UV can reduce your crops ability to photosynthesize or make use of sunlight as well as cause cell damage. Polycarbonate sheets not only filter out UV and its harmful effects; they also disperse sunlight as it enters your greenhouse, distributing the light more evenly throughout the area. This allows your plants — especially crops — to grow at uniform rates, which makes them easier to sell. Polycarbonates are stronger and more durable than glass, ensuring your greenhouse stays intact regardless of errant stones or vicious hail. They provide better insulation, allowing you to have a longer planting season during the colder months. Polycarbonate sheets also provide superior heat retention, which is essential for growing heat-loving plants like peppers, tomatoes, and melons.

Polycarbonate vs. Glass

Polycarbonate roof

When it comes to roofing options, polycarbonate sheets are superior to glass in several ways. Aside from the UV protection they provide, polycarbonate sheets are less expensive than the usual glass. They are also more durable, and because they are shatter-proof, they’re a lot safer for your family. Installing or repairing them can be quite easy, and suppliers can usually provide them in varying shapes and sizes. Unlike glass that requires precision equipment and experts when it comes to installation and repair, you can use a simple box cutter to cut and shape polycarbonate sheets.

Very few people pay attention to the dangers of UV exposure, especially in the (perceived) safety of their own homes. Keep your house safe by switching to UV-filtering polycarbonates and enjoy the light without the risks.

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