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Is There an Ideal Place for Retirement?

If you tell long-distance movers that you’re going to North Dakota for your retirement, you’ll be surprised. This is because the general idea about the state is that it is cold, isolated, and not a fun place to be. Considering that the state has a weak tourism industry, that is understandable. However, North Dakota might be the prime place to retire, especially for people who love the great outdoors. Here are some reasons why it should be at the top of any retirement destination list:

Low Taxes

You’re retired, but you’ll still pay taxes. That is not exactly an ideal condition, especially if you’ve got limited income. The total charges you have to pay are around 6.78 percent, which is pretty low. Income taxes have also been going more economical while the economy is still thriving.

Thriving Economy

The primary fuel for the economic boom is the oil in the state. This is thanks to the large Bakken fields that provide the state with employment and funds for its operations. Currently, North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country because of the oil workers, but those who serve people like cooks, doctors, and more get as much work as they need.

Affordable Living Costs

Despite the booming economy, you’ll find that everything is still affordable. This is because it is still North Dakota. The main forces that push for higher prices are kept away by the cold winters and the fact that there aren’t many places to live in. With some towns only numbering a hundred people, the demand is not going to skyrocket any price. It sounds grim, but modern technology can allow you to bridge the gap and not be as isolated.

Great Quality of Life

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There is still a high quality of life in the area. The people are friendly, and there is a definite sense of community. Though the state might not have the usual entertainment options, it does have all the essentials. For retirees who want to get bang for their buck, the state can deliver on that.

Natural Beauty

The real draw of North Dakota is the natural beauty of the state. For older people who would like to camp outdoors, there’s nothing like looking up at a prairie night sky. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park offers an astronomy festival. North Dakota has low levels of light pollution and can enable you to see a clear night sky. If that’s not enough, there is something about the open prairie that evokes the frontier spirit.

Great Food

The state even has excellent food. In the Midwest, you can expect German, Norwegian, and Native American influences to create a unique culinary experience. The legendary Kroll’s diner chain in the state can bring the taste of North Dakota to your plate with gusto.

Everyone seems to retire to the usual places, so it might be best to avoid them if you want a quiet retirement. The reasons above should be enough to convince you that North Dakota is the place to be during your twilight years. Plan for your eventual move and have the state surprise you with what it has to offer.

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