Garbage Disposals and Commercial Strainers: Evaluating Your Options

Commercial kitchens, casinos, and eateries all have a common problem. Every once a while, they have a drainage system or garbage disposal to unclog. The foul from the clogged drains is another element that may compromise their health certification if they do not address it quickly. Managing these issues with kitchen sink drains can be overly expensive in the long run. But, what if you could handle all these issues right from the kitchen sink? Trap all the food solids before they get into the drain? Sieve out the grease before it settles on the surface of your drain pipes, and, eventually, clog the plumbing system?

Over recent years, there have been a rising number of municipalities requiring commercial businesses to ensure solids do not get into the municipal drainage system. And, that is putting an equal amount of pressure to companies to meet these new plumping and drainage management standards. The most typical reactive response to these regulations is for commercial business to require their employees always to ensure their garbage disposals are functioning optimally. But, that requires close supervision, which you may not be willing to invest in; you have better things to do after all. So, the next feasible option you turn to is having an emergency disposal maintenance company’s contacts at hand so that you can call them in whenever it malfunctions. But then you realize that that is turning to be an expense that may dent your return-on-investment.

What other options do you have?

Food waste in sink drain

Typically, your best bet at fixing your garbage disposal issues is installing an appropriate food strainer. With the right sink strainer, you will avoid the expenses of repairing or replacing defective garbage disposals. Strainers are also way cheaper than busing a new garbage disposer or repairing it. That’s besides most of the commercial-grade sink strainers being quick to clean and easy to maintain. They also are highly durable, which means that you will hardly spend on maintenance costs. All these make good reasons why it is time you replaced your garbage disposer with a high-quality sink strainer.

Well, you still can use your garbage disposer together with the commercial strainer if your municipal requires that you must have the disposer irrespective. Depending on how much waste and kitchen water you run through the sink strainer, you may choose to go for cheaper, disposable strainers.

Solving the disposal problem

Food waste disposer machine for your kitchen

One of the most common problems with garbage disposals is that seals break and begin to leak. The motors also burn out, and you have to replace them. Also, the ball bearing grinds, which turns the disposer to be inefficient over time. And, with that, your only way out is usually buying new disposals to replace the dysfunctional ones. Commercial and industrial strainers, on the other hand, are manual. Thus, it will lower your energy bills. They do not have moving parts to wear out, or have blades; therefore, they will also be safe for your employees to check and clean whenever necessary. So, why not make commercial strainers your best option to help you meet your local municipality’s requirement for solids-free drainage systems?

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