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How to Maximize Your Garage Storage Space

A garage is perhaps only the part of the house that can be messy and dirty, while the other rooms in the house should always be spic and span. The garage is usually where the family car is parked. However, it also houses tools and equipment as well as scrap metals, old shoes, broken appliances, and other random items you can think of.

Fixing the garage can be a huge task, but it also deserves the repair and maintenance it needs. Just the same as a messy bedroom, staring at a messy garage can be stressful as well. If you are based in Salt Lake City, you can buy garage storage shelves in home improvement stores near you.

Getting started

More often than not, the garage becomes more of a storage room rather than a covered vehicle parking space. It is where most tools and other random items are stored if they do not fit inside the house anymore. But there are ways to conquer such a stressful mess by having a functional storage strategy in your garage area.

But before that, you should get rid first of things that you won’t need or are already useless. It can be a tedious task, but this is an important step you should not skip. You can set a full day to declutter the garage. You can ask family members or friends to help you out if you want to make the task faster.

Take time to go through all items, including those boxes you haven’t touched for a long time. Who knows what is inside those mysterious boxes. Then, determine whether those items are for disposal, donation, or to be sold.

Garage storage hacks

Once you have sorted out everything, you can now start arranging the remaining items according to their purposes. You can strategically place these items in different storage racks and containers and should be properly labeled. Here are some other tips for a more organized garage area.

1. Store items according to frequency of use.

For example, store all gardening items such as shovels and rakes in one storage area. Paint cans and paint brushes should also be stored together in a separate area.

2. Place frequently used items near the garage door.

If you frequently use your bike or the garden broom, make sure these are placed somewhere near the garage door where it can easily be found. However, make sure these won’t block or get knocked by the car.

3. Remove all items off the floor.

As much as possible, remove all items off the floor and store them elsewhere because these can also cause clutter as well. Use shelving or rack spaces to store your items.

4. Use open shelves and clear containers.

tools in a wall shelf of garage

It is recommended to use transparent containers and open shelves to put your items for easier access. By using these, you won’t have to sort through each container again just to find that missing hammer.

The garage also deserves being organized just like any other areas in the house. It can lessen clutter, reduce stress, and utilize its space to park your car and store your household items.

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