Top 4 Cabinet Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

So, you’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start. Kitchen cabinetry is an essential part of your kitchen’s design when doing a kitchen remodel. Cabinets will not only enhance the look of your kitchen but also improves its functionality. Simple changes to your kitchen cabinets guarantee you functional kitchen space.

Cabinetry brings all the elements together and gives your kitchen a new look. Cabinet designs have not significantly changed over the years as compared to other aspects, such as flooring and countertops. That said, homeowners need to understand some cabinet designs they can incorporate into a kitchen remodeling project to achieve their dream kitchen.

You can explore the following unique kitchen cabinetry ideas for your project:

Change the hardware

You can change hinges, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls to remodel your kitchen and give it a different look. Choose knobs, hooks, or drawer pulls based on the kind of feel or appearance you want to achieve after your kitchen remodeling in Salt Lake City. For instance, authentic vintage pieces give a nostalgic, country look. Make sure you liaise with kitchen remodeling experts to advise you based on your kitchen remodeling objectives. Remember to use the measurements of the existing cabinets so that you buy new hardware that will fit perfectly.

Open shelving

kitchen with open shelves

Open kitchen cabinets are becoming trendy. They have a myriad of benefits even if you find it hard to forego closed-door cabinets. Open kitchen shelves add light and introduce airy feel in your kitchen space, which is a perfect solution for smaller kitchens. Additionally, open kitchen shelves are efficient because you can grab what you want without opening and closing cabinet doors. The cabinetry trend makes sure every glass, bowl, or utensil impacts the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Multiple finish colors

You can use an endless list of cabinet finishing techniques and colors for a kitchen remodeling project. From weathered grey to warm browns, you have mind-blowing options to achieve a new look for your kitchen. One of the trendy cabinetry designs this year entails mixing different finish colors so that your kitchen gets a unique look. You can consider painting luminous green to the upper cabinets while giving the base cabinetry a natural wood look. You can also come up with an attractive design using a combination of different pieces and bits.

Double bowl sinks

You can design your kitchen with multiple sinks or a large bowl sink to enhance its functionality. The farmhouse design is also gaining popularity for large, deep sizes because they allow for style and comfortable use. You can choose a single bowl under-mount sink using a similar width as a double bowl. The sinks are an excellent choice for large items, and they allow several people to work in the kitchen at the same time.

Let these trends act as design ideas and guides for your kitchen renovation. The best part is that these ideas combine aesthetics and functionality to create your ideal kitchen. Don’t forget to hire a reputable kitchen remodeling company to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

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