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Is Your Newly Bought Used Car Dependable?

Finding a good, reliable car is a top objective, whether one wants a new car or a used car. For the latter, finding an acceptable model, say, from a direct seller, an online store, or from the nearest used car dealer franchise, would still require thorough research just as one would with a brand new car. Normally, one buys a used car when there is not enough budget for a new vehicle. The utility comes first. And it looks straightforward for any to decide. But buyers of used cars consider many factors when they begin to search for that “temporary” car: which used car to buy, how long should it be kept, or should it be sold or scrapped when one is ready to purchase a new one. Whatever the reason for that purchase, long-term reliability comes first before car features and specifications.

Quality Comes with Reliability

According to a study by Wolfram Research, finding a quality used car is often linked to its reliability. Take note that quality is absolute while reliability is relative. A user may find two high-quality cars (i.e. all due to the maker’s manufacturing stamp for quality) differ in terms of reliability.

Using data from a million used vehicles, the research showed that only 12 of the 37 brands (32 percent) breached the industry average for vehicle class quality. About the same rate was found when the study analyzed specific models with respect to reliability. Of the 21 studied, only eight (38 percent) passed the industry average score. It is noteworthy that those models that were most reliable (above industry average) belonged to those brands that were found to be the highest quality (above industry average).

The research suggests that the most reliable used cars are expected to be high-quality ones, manufacturing-wise. More so, these cars’ makers also sell the most popular brands in the market, i.e. Japanese cars. Hence, it is recommendable that the safest bet when finding a used car is looking at the maker’s reputation as a quality manufacturer. However, we mentioned above that other factors are at work when a buyer looks for a used car. Constrained by a budget, a buyer may sacrifice some reliability expectations.

Different Cars for Different Needs

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When buying a used car, the budget will set the mark by which one decides a final purchase. Doing good research to match your needs will greatly help. A car that offers good gas mileage or one that can sustain multiple or long-term uses may be found among smaller cars. If the terrain is a major issue, then bigger vehicles like a four-wheel drive are most appropriate. Given these particular needs, a buyer will be able to work around the budget and the need for reliability or quality.

It is still, however, very important to consider the used car’s reliability record. Adjusting one’s demand for reliability, overall, should not impact one’s decision to study the particular car’s history. Finding the best and worst used cars online should provide a good starting point, but inspecting the body’s condition, the glass, the suspension, and so on is still fundamental.

Used cars offer a buyer a chance to develop taste as well as have to experience with car brands while saving enough money for a new car. But while buying a used car is extremely practical, considerations on quality and reliability should still be part of the search. Moreover, adjusting how much dependability is sought for with personal needs is also recommendable.

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