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When Should You Buy a Used Car in Auckland?

Those who want to buy a second-hand vehicle should generally avoid the summer months. Whether it’s a pre-owned Kia or Holden, used cars in Auckland could be more in-demand during this time.

A higher demand often means more expensive prices for cars, while it also could be difficult to compete with other buyers, especially for a recent model. Christchurch and Wellington are your other options if you prefer to buy a car in the summer. Aside from knowing the right time, there are other things to consider when looking for a pre-owned car.

Don’t Forget Certain Documents

Those who plan to buy a larger car such as a motorhome should ask for a Certificate of Fitness, which guarantees the vehicle’s functionality and safety on the road. Smaller cars should have a Warrant of Fitness for the same reason. Otherwise, you could be penalised when you are found to be driving a car without any of the two documents.

Used cars are more popular among tourists who plan an indefinite stay in Auckland or elsewhere, but even locals could benefit from knowing the pros and cons of buying pre-owned vehicles. Most Kiwis still prefer new sedans or SUVs overused automobiles, while an increasing number of people have driven electric vehicles.

Is it Cheaper to Drive an Electric Car?

The price of electric cars in the country are more expensive than diesel- or gas-powered vehicles, but the estimated long-term savings could outweigh the steep upfront price. For instance, you don’t need to spend frequently on repairs when something breaks down, simply because a purely electric model only has 20 moving parts, unlike a motor vehicle’s 2,000 moving parts.

It’s obvious that you don’t have to pay for petrol in terms of energy consumption, so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right type of fuel. As electric cars run on batteries, you need to check the average rate of recharging the vehicle per minute. An overnight recharge may cost $3 and this would let you drive for 100 kilometres.

How Much is the Cost?

Woman driving a newly bought car

You could buy a fully electric Kia vehicle for around $68,000, while prices may vary from other available brands such as BMW and Toyota. Hybrid cars could be cheaper than other variants, so it’s quite difficult to determine your fuel savings for these vehicles. For instance, the cost of ownership for a non-electric vehicle reaches around $2,500 every year when you drive it for 12,500 kilometres.

By contrast, driving a purely electric car will only cost $500 to maintain every year for the same distance. This huge price difference encourages some people to make the switch. New Zealand’s land size also makes it an ideal choice unlike in bigger countries like Australia, where you would need to recharge your car more often for long-distance trips.

Summer may not be the best time to buy a car, although most people usually have more money between December and February. Shop around for prices from at least three different dealers to compare the best rates.

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