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Decorating Guidelines Around Spiral Staircases

There is now one integral element of all interiors with the rise of storied buildings; the stairs. There are different design and materials for staircases though they all fall into two broad classifications; straight and winder stairs. Straight stairs include L and U-shaped stairs and those featuring a central landing. Winder stairs, on the other hand, include spiral, circular, curved, and ladder stair. The spiral staircase is among those becoming increasingly popular.

You can choose between a wooden, glass and steel spiral staircase for buildings of all square footages. The treads in your stairs in this instance will rotate around a central column generating a spiral design. Most property owners assume this is the same thing as a helical design. The helical stairs design, however, has no central column for the treads and will thus look like it is floating. Though both stairs offer an exceptional design element to your interiors, decorating around them is not easy. This is because the walls near the staircase are not ideal for hanging paintings and different décor like in traditional stairs owing to the twisting design. The following are some guidelines for decorating around your spiral staircase.

1. Consider your furniture arrangement.

Spiral staircases are installed anywhere in a room. While it might not be as hard to arrange furniture when the stairway is at the corner of a room, the same cannot be said for properties that have their staircase in the center of a room. The ideal choice in centrally-located spiral staircases is to shift focus from the stairs. Arrange your furniture to form groupings in a room’s corner. Moreover, have the seating facing each other instead of the staircase to minimize distractions.

2. Choose your wall décor wisely.

Choosing whether you will decorate your wall or not in a room with a spiral staircase largely depends on the stairs’ proximity to the walls. If the stairs are too close, they will obscure anything you place on your walls. The best option, in this case, is to paint the wall near the stairs in an accent color that will set off the stairs. If the wall is a few feet behind your staircase, pick one large painting, mural or tapestry for it. Including too many small items on the wall blocks the stairs’ design.

3. Decorate the top of the staircase.

Foyer in luxury home with curved staircase and view into dining roomSpiral stairs will often open into landing areas and lofts. The spaces thus created can be used as a conversation pit or for boosting the overall look of the stair. Have one large art piece at the top of your stairs and choose one color from the floor to the ceiling to generate design continuity.

4. Add embellishments.

You can pick little details in the material used for your stairs to transform its look. Most styles will add designs to your handrails and treads. Alternatively, you can use decorative tread mats to decorate the stairs and protect the treads from damage.

There is no single best look when decorating around a spiral staircase. Experiment with the above designs until you get one best-suited for your property. Fortunately, with a well-constructed staircase, decorating will not be as challenging since it will stand out on its own.

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