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Biophilic: Is It the Future of Office Design?

It is the truth: the open office layout that Google has tried to advocate just does not work for everyone. Many companies that used the same design concept for their workplaces have ended up having employees with lower productivity and higher stress levels.

Fortunately, there are many other design options you can choose from for your office space. But when you hire interior design services in Melbourne, you might want to ask about the biophilic concept.

What is biophilic?

Biophilic design is all about the incorporation of natural elements into a workplace. This means more plants, more natural light, and more views of natural landscapes. It is like bringing people back to nature, and it has been an effective tool to increasing productivity.

What will you get from a biophilic design?

Many businesses are now starting to adopt this design for their offices because of nature’s impact on the mental well-being of their employees. According to reports, employees working in an open office or traditionally designed space have been complaining about headaches, lack of drive, and even mild bouts of depression.

The open office plan was designed to help employees interact with each other more openly, which is why it got rid of cubicles and partitions. That concept, however, had its drawback. What many designers did not expect was that it made it impossible to shut out the noise coming from talkative co-workers.

With the traditionally designed offices, meanwhile, some employees reported feeling depressed and developing insomnia. That is because most of these workspaces do not have enough windows and are often dark. People need natural light to properly regulate their circadian rhythm, which is the biological clock that regulates sleep. When that goes haywire, people develop insomnia, which could lead to fatigue.

With biophilic design, you will get to eliminate all of these problems. An office space designed with this concept provides employees with more natural light, a quieter atmosphere, and a view of natural landscapes.

The natural light will help regulate employees’ circadian rhythm and prevent eyestrain. A quieter and more comforting atmosphere will help minimize their stress levels. Views of natural landscapes will provide them with a more tranquil environment.

Views of nature for increased productivity

Incorporating plants in the office design

Views of beautiful landscapes have been proven to increase productivity in employees. Reports show that people who have a view of a mountainside or the sea are more likely to be motivated to come to the office and be more energized to work.

If your office building does not have a view of the ocean or a mountain, however, the mere sight of plants is enough to alleviate the stress in employees. Add indoor plants in your workspace, wallpapers with images of nature, as well as nature sounds such as water flowing down a river and birds chirping.

The open office layout may have failed to improve productivity in some companies, but the biophilic design is here to save the day. It could be the answer to the decades-old quest of finding the perfect workplace.

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