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5 Cool Features Your Next Car Should Have

In the market for a car and want to make sure that you’ve gotten a ride you’ll enjoy for a long time? As you may or may not know, the auto market today is saturated with a variety of cars (from different manufacturers) to choose from. How do you know that you’ve found the ideal ride for you? A good place to start is by identifying which features you want your car to have and narrowing down on Auckland car dealers online that sell cars with those features.

Here are some of the best features that your next car needs to have:

Heated seats

Auckland experiences a few chilly periods in a year. During these times, when the weather has dropped a few dozen degrees below normal body temperature, some things are more comforting than having a warm seat beneath you. That’s why buying a car that enables you to heat the seats is a great idea. You need not keep the seat heaters on for a long time, a few minutes are all you need to save yourself from the shock of sitting on a chilly surface.

Infotainment display

Initially, there weren’t screens on the dashboards or in the center stacks of cars. All you had was a proliferation of buttons and knobs. Well, things have changed now, and most modern cars have a screen that provides essential visual information. The information is relayed through a navigation map or a backup camera. Your infotainment display allows you to easily access and regulate audio, climate, and so on.

Backup assist camera

A significant number of car-related accidents that take place in the country happen in parking lots. In the past, they were difficult to prevent without the help of another person outside the car, but not anymore. Today, most cars come with a backup camera that gives the driver a better view of areas they couldn’t see before. Making sure that the car you buy has this feature can help you drive better and avoid accidents.

Keyless entry

car start and stop engine button

Forget about car keys because that’s so last year. You need a car that recognises your proximity and welcomes you inside. You would want a cool ride that starts at the slightest touch. Gone are the days when locking yourself out of your car or losing your car keys was a real worry. Your next ride should have the ability to interact better with you.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Your car may have impressive horsepower and torque, but these features become irrelevant when you are stuck in traffic for hours. With a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can let watch a movie or play online games. You could even decide to spend some time downloading important files you need for work. Wireless connectivity is an important part of today’s high-performance cars.

Choosing the ideal car for you goes far beyond the driving test. You need to analyse the car carefully to make sure that it has all the features that will make you want to hold onto it for years to come.

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