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You Should Go On A Fitness Escape

We get it; you’re stuck at home, Christmas eve is fast approaching, and you have nothing better to do as 2021 is about to come right around the corner full of surprises. Frankly speaking, everyone’s gotten tired of the current status quo and have been trying very hard to introduce a bit of fun and excitement wherever and whenever possible.

And, to be honest, all this daily doomscrolling isn’t making any of us feel better at all; it just adds to the already cumbersome stress we deal with every day. But, what if we told you there are some exciting fitness escapes you can try right now to make all that boredom go away?

Casual Fitness Stuff Won’t Cut It

Now, before you close this tab off and call us fitness shills, give us at least two minutes to change your mind. Sure, fitness in the traditional sense doesn’t sound like an escape at all and is even considered tiresome for others, but it can be plenty exciting if you choose the right stuff to do. So, instead of the casual fitness tips laid out everywhere from weights to running, here’s something you’ve probably haven’t done this 2020.

#1 Try Bodyweight Only

Here at level one, we have; transitioning your workouts to a complete bodyweight fitness regime. Look, many people have become sworn gym-goers, but far too many rely on their weights and machines to get the job done, forgetting to introduce some functional strength where the core is always active. As a result, while people do get good physiques, it’s hard to match up with a pure calisthenics athlete.

So, if you’re looking for a quick way to introduce something new into your life and challenge your strength to its fullest potential, maybe a bodyweight fitness plan is the solution for you. It doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get done and is a simple change that can wear you out.

#2 Go Trekking/Hiking

Now onto level two, we have: going trekking or setting a day or two with a small group of friends to go hiking somewhere. With all this focus on staying at home and finding fun things to do while lounging, we often forget the beautiful vistas of nature and the outdoors. Plus, if you stick with less populated trails and hiking at less common hours, you’ll find yourself plenty safe and still abiding by social distancing guidelines.

So, if you’ve grown quite tired of seeing the same living room day after day, we strongly suggest taking the opportunity to go trekking or hiking as a fitness escape. Not only will you get a good cardio workout, but you’ll also get endless opportunities to make beautiful memories and take photos of a lifetime.


#3 The Thrill Of Skiing

Finally, here at level three, we have; skiing and embracing everything that the snowy landscape and Winter season has to offer. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby a great place to ski or at least a couple of hours away, nothing beats backcountry skiing and recording everything with your GoPro. All you need is to grab your signature Obermeyer Skiwear, all your winter equipment, and you’re pretty much set to tackle the snow with a couple of buddies.

Of course, this is considering you have the necessary stuff beforehand, or you’ve got some extra budget to spend if you don’t. And, be sure to take additional safety measures to ensure you’re a-okay in case something unexpected happens while you’re out in the snow.

No Reason Not To Have Fun

Overall, just because we’re in the new norm doesn’t mean we can’t have fun just like we used to. All it takes is a couple of changes here and there, and you’re more than ready to take on a fitness escape of varying difficulties. Just remember to stay on the safer side of things, and you can say goodbye to all your boredom while celebrating Christmas.

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