6 Household Chores That Men Can Do at Home to Burn Calories

Do you notice that laborers and blue-collar workers usually have six-pack abs and muscular biceps? If you ask them if they go to the gym to lift weights, they will usually answer you no. They don’t have time to go to the gym, run on a treadmill, and lift heavy weights. But when you ask them to carry something or push/pull a heavy item, they’ll usually do it with ease. Their muscles are strong and compact. They’ve built them through hard work. That’s what baseball Hall of Famer Bob Feller thought, too. Why waste time in the gym when you can do meaningful work with the same amount of time and energy?

Men can do plenty of things around the house and hit two birds with one stone. If women can burn calories by gardening for an hour, the same can be said for men. In fact, because men are stereotypically assigned to heavier workloads around the house, they have more opportunities to burn calories and build their muscles with menial housework.

There’s nothing more that can challenge you physically than do household and yard chores. Most of the chores that you do at home are full-body workouts. This means that the routine builds your muscles, improves your core, and make your body resistant to injury.

Fix Things Around the House

Repairing things around the house will work out your muscles. Find something that you can tinker with. Every house needs some minor and even major repairs. You can do the plumbing or fix the floorboard. Some of the most calorie-burning activities are those found in the yard. You can do porch repair to improve the curb appeal of the property. The idea behind this is that you get to solve a household problem and at the same time, burn the stubborn calories.

Painting the House

As a repetitive process, painting builds your muscle memory and not to mention, your muscles. Why do you think The Karate Kid’s Mr. Miyagi made Daniel LaRusso paint the fence for hours? Painting is a killer workout for the simple reason that it attacks every part of your body.

Washing the Car

Another signature exercise by Mr. Miyagi was to wash your car. Men love their car so much that they spend hours watching car videos or simply tinkering with it. If you want to get some workout in (without needing to go to the gym), wash your car inside and out. Not only will you spend time with your favorite toy, but you’ll also make it look spanking new.

The routine strengthens your shoulder muscles and promotes rotational movement. However, make sure you’re not just washing and waxing in one direction. Move your shoulders and arms to different directions so the motion improves different muscle groups.


Vacuum the Entire House

The women in your house are going to love you for doing this. Vacuuming carpets and curtains is such difficult work since they have to move the furniture around, too. You’ll likely work out your muscles not only because of the pressure you need to exert on pushing the vacuum but also because you have to move the heavy furniture around. Remember that you have to move the desks, bed frames, dressers, and couches around.

Pruning or Cutting the Tree

Obviously, carrying an electric or manual saw will work out your arm and shoulder muscles. But more than that, you’ll have to activate your core muscles, too. You have to use force even if you’re using an electric saw. These are the same muscle groups that you’re trying to grow and improve in the gym. However, if you do not have the skill and knowledge of how to cut a large tree, then you’re better off calling a professional lest you get yourself in an accident.

Mowing the Lawn

Don’t use the tractor when mowing the lawn. Use a manual or even electric lawn mower that you can push. This will keep your muscles engaged. It’s a great workout routine because it also activates your leg and core muscles. It’s a full-body workout with the pushing, pulling, and rotating movements of your whole body.

Men love spending time in the gym or even their home gym in the basement. They spend money on weights and other gym equipment. Feller is right. Except for rare occasions, household and yard chores are the best ways to work out your muscles. Unless you are building strength and stamina as a professional athlete, you don’t need those expensive gym memberships.

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