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Work-from-Home Tips: Reducing Back and Other Related Pains with Ergonomics

It has been a few months already since the Coronavirus pandemic started ravaging the country. Several establishments and institutions have been forced shut, and people have been ordered to shelter in place to contain the spread of the virus. Along with that, many non-essential workers have to resort to work-from-home set-up as businesses try to survive the COVID-infested economy.

With minimal physical activity and workspace constraints, several work-from-home employees are experiencing increased back pains and other related problems. Most residential homes do not have enough space needed to accommodate ergonomic furniture, and other people simply do not have the money to spend on such luxury.

Not addressing these physical strains will lead to a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, including deep vein thrombosis, sore neck and shoulder, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The best way to combat these potential physical health injuries is to adopt an ergonomic work-from-home environment.

Definition of Ergonomics

If you look up for the word ‘ergonomics’ in a dictionary, it means “the study of people’s effectiveness in their work environment.” Ergonomics draws on several disciplines to maximize the connection between labor and the work environment. There are different areas of ergonomics, but what we are concerned about is ‘physical ergonomics.’

Understanding of physical ergonomics is necessary for our work-from-home experience for us to remain productive and comfortable throughout your stint. Taking precautions to avoid unnecessary musculoskeletal problems and injuries helps you save money from expensive hospital bills.

Common Ergonomic Hazards We Experience

Prolonged Sitting

Human bodies are not designed to just sit around all day. A sedentary lifestyle could lead to various negative health consequences, among these are strained neck, muscle weakness, and even herniated discs. Though using an ergonomic chair helps, it does not change the fact that you are sitting most of the time.

Poor Posture

When we are immensely focused on our work, we tend to slouch or lean forward. With this posture, even the best ergonomic chair out, there would not help us. Slouched posture and prolonged forward-leaning lead to lower back pains and muscle fatigue.

Inadequate Chair Quality

Most people who are now suddenly forced to work from home do not have the time and budget to shop around for an ergonomic chair. It is more handy and frugal to just grab any chair in the dining room for work. But, people should comprehend the value of investing in a good office chair.

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Cheap Ways to Prevent Back Pains and Other Related Problems

When you work in a compromising position, you sacrifice your overall health and wellbeing. Nonetheless, there are several ways to make your work-from-home set up as comfortable and ergonomic as possible.

Prop a Pillow on Your Seat

A pillow or a towel can make a huge difference, transforming an ordinary chair into a comfortable one. When your only option as a workspace is your bed, place a fluffy behind your back so that you can rest against the headboard. If the budget allows, you may purchase a backrest pillow for optimum support and comfort while working.

Shift Position Often

Most of us learned the art of ignoring our bodies’ needs, especially when we are eager to finish a task. But staying in a single position for too long stiffens your muscles. It is crucial to change your posture often when working. Consider alternately switching from a sitting to a standing position.

Take Breaks

Aside from constantly changing posture often, take regular breaks as well. A short break every 45 minutes makes a huge difference to your sedentary way of living. It does not mean that you are now in the comforts of your own home that you do not need time to relax. Even if it means just a few steps to the kitchen to make coffee, it helps stretch your leg muscles and back.

Buy Ergonomic Chair

Perhaps the best option for a healthier and more productive work-from-home experience is investing in a good ergonomic chair that offers lumbar support. A wide range of ergonomic chairs is available in the market right now, which are deliberately made to give back relief and support. Furthermore, they are not as expensive as you think they are.

The value of ergonomics extends beyond worker and work environment relationships. Everything that we do, from sleeping in our beds to using a foldable wheelchair, needs ergonomic application. Lockdown and quarantine regulations might stretch out a couple of months more since scientists are still on the verge of finding a cure. Considering this, adopting these ergonomic solutions helps foster a more comfortable and safe home environment.

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