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Signs You Should Get Your Transmission Checked

Even with the invention of the automatic gearshift, a surprising amount of people still use or even prefer manual transmission cars. It’s easy to see why: There’s a certain degree of control and skill required to drive one, and with the correct lifestyle and driving habits, it can be more advantageous than using an automatic vehicle.

However, the nature of the manual transmission system means it’s more prone to damages than an automatic transmission. And while transmission parts for sale are common from Salt Lake City to Chicago, a good approach to car ownership would be to minimize the possible problems that you can encounter with your vehicle.

If you think your car isn’t responding to you as well as it used to, try checking for the following signs. You’ll avoid a bigger mess in the process.

Can’t properly shift into gear

One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong with your transmission is if it can’t shift into gear properly. Due to continued use, the gears are prone to damage, and all the oil and moving parts make it even more susceptible to wear and tear. If you find yourself having trouble shifting gears, there might be something wrong with your transmission system.

The common culprits include low transmission fluid, clutch linkage, or your cables. While it’s possible to get these repairs done yourself, it’s better to take your car to an experienced mechanic.

Fluid Leak

Cars can produce a fair amount of byproducts such as water and smoke, but a noticeable amount of any of these is never good. Fluid leaking from your transmission is a bad sign; they’re usually closed systems, so whatever caused that hole may actively be causing other problems. It’s best to have it towed to the nearest service shop immediately.

It’s also important to know the factory specifications of your car’s transmission fluid. Over or under filling your transmission engine can cause even bigger problems that require more expensive repair — or in the worst case, complete replacement.

Lack of response

Engine of car being checked

Finally, one of the best ways to know that something’s wrong with your transmission is when shifting doesn’t do anything at all or has a noticeable delay. With manual transmissions, that means the car won’t be moving as quickly even after the engine is on. With manual transmissions, shifting from park into drive takes longer than it should.

While this type of problem can be the easiest to diagnose, it can also be the trickiest to fix, as the problem may lie in either the engine, the transmission system, your gears, or even your clutch. When in doubt, consult your local mechanic to get a proper diagnosis.

Regardless of the type of transmission system you use, it’s important to bring your car in for regular maintenance and checkup to avoid more serious problems in the future. It not only establishes a good relationship with your local mechanic; it also keeps your car running and your journey smooth and safe. Watch out for these signs and take the necessary action immediately.

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