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Major Mistakes that Derail a Smooth Relocation

Moving is a complex process. It has lots of “moving” parts that all require adequate attention. One mistake can turn this already stressful endeavor even more chaotic. To pull a successful move, avoid committing the frequent errors below:

1. Not Planning Your Move Early Enough

All experts in cross-country moving and storage recommend creating a road map for relocating your family’s “life” from one location to another. Without a clearly defined plan, you will not have a sense of direction. In turn, you will not know which activities must be high on your agenda and which ones can be put on the back burner.

A move is an upheaval, and there is no other way around. It can take its toll on your family physically and psychologically, so it makes sense to minimize its impact on all of you by dealing with the process step by step.

Moving is a marathon, not a sprint. Start planning for it months ahead of your scheduled relocation to avoid overwhelming yourself with tasks not meant to be finished overnight.

2. Bringing Everything You Own

Another blunder by many homeowners of relocating all of their items when changing addresses. As a general rule, you should only carry those use regularly, such as clothes and functional appliances, of obvious importance, like personal documents or insurance papers, and with value, including family heirlooms, antiques, and artworks.

Broken, destroyed, and duplicate items should not be part of the relocation. They should not have a role in your “new” life. Thus, toss them through a resale or donation.

3. Clearing Your Pantry Too Late

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Perishable goods are essential items, but they generally should not be transported by road, especially when moving cross-country. There is a great chance that your food in stock will go bad along the way.

Adjust your shopping habits as the moving date draws closer. Prioritize eating fresh, frozen, and refrigerated foods, and replenish your supplies after settling in your new house.

4. Skipping Professional Packing Services

Many homeowners think that a professional packing service is just a waste of money until they decide to box everything and fail. Plenty of strategy goes into packing, and not everyone has the wisdom to execute it flawlessly.

Amateur “packers” typically use flimsy cardboard, commit labeling boo-boos, and box fragile possessions without caution. Professionals, on the other hand, pack properly, safely, and efficiently.

Furthermore, your belongings will likely be insured when professionally packed. In case of loss, theft, or damage, you will be adequately compensated for your compromised items.

5. Forgetting to Talk to Utility Companies

It is imperative to set up the utilities in a new house before moving in, and many people do not consider it top of mind.

Fourteen days before your move, make phone calls to make sure your new home has power, water, phone, and the Internet. If you use satellite TV, ask your provider to install a new dish to your property a day or two after relocation.

You do not need to be an experienced mover to carry out this process flawlessly. Just plan everything with foresight and seek proper advice to be on the right track from start to finish.

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