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Post-Pandemic Business: How to Inform Customers of the Reopening of a Business

With over 80 percent of initial vaccine deliveries administered already, the future looks bright for businesses as economic recovery may be in sight. With this, businesses that closed may consider planning the reopening of their physical store soon.

As part of this plan, business owners should also communicate the upcoming reopening of the business. Aside from telling the customers that the business will open soon, business owners should also inform them of the operating hours and available products or services.

The message should also include the safety measures the business will implement to ensure their safety. It’s also good for the business to implement mosquito control measures in case the physical location of the store has an issue with these insects.

Communication with the customers is important for the success of the business. It should also make the customers feel safe when they enter the store. Here are the things a business should consider when communicating its reopening to its customers.

Send a Consistent Message

Since the health crisis is not yet over, the business should provide effective and consistent communications to build trust among the customers as well as reestablish the confidence and morale of the employees. Suitable communication also allows the business to reclaim its market even after everything that happened. To ensure this happens, businesses should ensure the message it sends is consistent in all the channels the businesses use.

The message should also demonstrate empathy and should be timely, Additionally, it should be relevant and considerate of the needs of the customers of the business. Taking into account the current financial status of the customers is essential since the unemployment rate rose when the pandemic started. The business should show empathy towards its customers.

But before the business sends the message, it should meet with the employees and ensure that they understand the message. With this in mind, the business should also take its employees into account since they are the ones who will interact with the customers when the business reopens.

Send the Message Through Multiple Channels

After crafting the message, business owners can send it through different channels available to them. They can post the message on their website. The business should update the operating schedule and show the message on the main landing page of the website. It can also use an automated message feature to show important information about the reopening if the website uses live chat.

The business can also create posts on all social media platforms that provide the same message found on the website. The business can also create a series of posts leading up to its reopening. The posts can also show the preparations for the reopening to show its customers that the reopening is drawing near. This builds up the anticipation within its market as people eagerly wait for the reopening.

Additionally, the business can also send the message in email format and sent it to the subscribers of the business. With this, the business can reach its target audience directly. Similarly, send a text or SMS message to its customers also lets them know about the upcoming reopening of the business.

Use Commercial Touchpoints to Repeat the Message

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After sending the message to its customers, the business can use transactional communication to repeat the message. These communications come in the form of receipts, invoices, or appointment reminders. Aside from reiterating the reopening of the physical store, the business can also remind the customers of the health protocols implemented at the store.

For instance, when a customer orders something through the online store, the confirmation email about the order will also include the important things to remember when the physical store opens. It should highlight the measures implemented for the safety of both the customers and the staff of the business.

Provide Updates

Reopening plans are normally not set in stone. Due to this, there may be some changes in the original plans. This is understandable since the current health crisis is fluid and may change at any time. For instance, the coronavirus variants may prove to be troublesome in the future. It may have a significant effect on the plans and compel the business to modify its original plan.

Due to this, the business should provide regular updates to its customers, so they are aware of the situation. The business should be transparent about the changes and answer any questions its customers may have. Additionally, should provide updates through the different channels it used to announce its reopening. Providing the customers timely and relevant updates will be advantageous to the business as its customers will see that it is looking after their welfare.

When a business announces the reopening of its physical store, it should make sure that its customers know about it and are constantly updated about the situation.

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