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Outdoor Improvements: Transforming Your Yard Into a Dreamy Oasis

These trying times made us stay indoors far more often than we like. We postpone vacation trips even after lockdowns were lifted. We would rather entertain ourselves at home than go out with friends. Some even chose to work remotely just to avoid further exposing themselves to the virus. But since humans are social creatures that are not used to sheltering in place, our stress levels continue to rise while we try so hard to stay safe and sane.

The good news is, you have many options to choose from when it comes to improving your space. Some homeowners went on improving their homes to make them more suitable for their lifestyle. They are also making the most out of their property, so they can improve their physical and mental health even with all the sheltering in place.

If you have a sizable backyard, you can use the pandemic as an opportunity to create your own outdoor oasis. There is no need for expensive upgrades just to transform your ordinary yard. But there are crucial steps you can start taking to ensure you’ll end up with a gorgeous outdoor space your family will want to spend most of their time at.

Start Clearing, Decluttering, and Cleaning the Space

It is best if you can start with a blank canvas. This will enable you to make room for the right furniture, have space for some greens, and other few elements you will surely appreciate in your outdoor living space. While it is not necessary to remove already existing landscapes and hardscapes, it is essential that you remove anything that should not belong in the hard.

Have a space for everything and get rid of the things you no longer want and need. Once the space is ready, you can start the cleanup. For better results, invest in power washing things you can powerwash.

Invest in Pest Control

It might seem impossible to prevent all pests and bugs from making a home out of your home. But there are ways you can get rid of those pests so you can enjoy your backyard with minimal disruptions.

You won’t want anything biting you or your kids while enjoying a lazy afternoon in your yard. Thankfully, there are many experts willing to do the dirty job for you. You just need to identify what pest problem you currently have.

For example, you or any of your family members always get mosquito bites when staying in the yard. Consider mosquito control services. Many pest experts now make use of natural solutions to get rid of your pest issues minus your health and environmental concerns.

Get Yourself a Shaded Seating Area

If you lack shady trees and your deck or patio does not have any shade at all, invest in a pergola, awning, or even a gazebo. There are lots of options that enable you to add shade to your outdoor living space so you can enjoy the area no matter the weather.

If you plan on adding lots of plants to your yard, consider a pergola instead. You can grow fast-growing vines for a low-cost natural shade. There are lots of plant vines that are low-maintenance and adds a rustic feel to the space.

outdoor patio

A gazebo is another option that can create a gorgeous space in the middle of your backyard. You get that ornamental feature that can also serve as a bandstand for special occasions. You will surely enjoy enjoying a cup of coffee or read your favorite book while resting under your grand gazebo no matter the time of the day.

Don’t forget to invest in some comfy outdoor furniture. With a shade seating area, you don’t have to worry much about your furniture getting wet. You can add throw pillows in the space and even a geometric rug to match your furniture.

Incorporate Landscaping Lighting Solutions

Your beautiful outdoor space should not hide its beauty under the moonlight. What you can do instead is invest in different outdoor lighting solutions. Merely having an ordinary task light near your home won’t be enough to showcase the beauty of your exteriors.

If you want an energy-efficient lighting solution, you can count on solar lights. There are numerous types of solar lights that can instantly brighten up your landscape. There are pathway lighting that can light up your pathway towards your garden. There are hanging solar lanterns that can help create that sultry ambiance on a boring Saturday night.

There exist garden chandelier planters. You get a beautiful planter with integrated solar lights that recharge throughout the day. Now, you can enjoy a living chandelier that lights up after the sun sets.

You can add pendant lights and add volume on top of your sitting area. Festoon or party lights add a timeless look to your deck. You will surely have a field day when choosing lighting solutions for your outdoor living space.

Recreating a relaxing outdoor living space will give you more reasons to spend your time outside of the house. This helps you make the most out of your backyard. Now, you can enjoy time with nature and give yourself a break from sheltering in place without stepping a foot outside of your property.

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