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Making Space: How to Make the Most Out of Your Small Backyard

When it comes to average lot sizes per state, Missouri is smack dab in the middle with 0.23 acres. While this may be a comfortable size for a large house, you may end up having a cramped backyard. The size of your yard, however, shouldn’t discourage you from turning it into an outdoor sanctuary. Take a look at how you can make the most of your yard.

Plant Vertically

If you want a beautiful garden for your Kansas City yard, you should minimize having too many potted plants. This takes up horizontal space you could have used for seating or an outdoor fireplace. Try having one big potted plant that blends in easily with your space, such as boxwood. If you want a pop of color, use flowering maple.

If reducing your potted plants isn’t enough, give vertical planting a try. You can use a lattice to accommodate vines like bougainvillea or moonflower. You can also hang small plastic pots or cans with tiny flowers, shrubs, or succulents to it. You can upcycle many things to use for your vertical garden as well. Try to search your house if you have shoe organizers, dressers, or even soda bottles you don’t use anymore. With a few nails and rope, you can hang them up on your patio wall easily.

Connect it to Your Indoor Space

Another way to make your backyard more spacious is to make it an extension of one of your rooms. Do you need extra space for your kitchen appliances? Create an outdoor kitchen so you can multitask between the grill and the stove easier. Does the living room feel cramped? Extend it to your yard and use sliding doors so you can easily view the TV from the outside. Split between two activities? Bring the boardgames to the yard, so they don’t distract people who just want to binge some Netflix.

Remodel your backyard to mimic your interior design. If you have a bare concrete floor, call up a stonework contractor to give your patio a concrete deck. Repaint your outdoor walls to match the ones indoors. You don’t have to replicate the furniture, but you should definitely get ones with the same color. You’ll feel right at home in your outdoor space.

Seat Creatively

Backyard with place to lounge

Regarding furniture, it’s best to use slim and light seats for your small yard. Use rattan chairs, bar chairs, or just beanbags and seat cushions. These seats are easy to transport, and they don’t make your yard look too cramped. A foldable coffee table will suffice if you need a surface for games and food. Keep yourselves warm or cook some smores on a small, portable firepit. You’ll be surprised at how spacious your backyard is with lighter furniture.

Embrace your intimate space by eliminating the elements that make it cramped. Give it a makeover by making the most out of your vertical space, using slim and small furniture, or turning it into an extension of an existing room. Having a small backyard shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

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