How to Make Your Bathroom an Oasis

How much time do you spend in the bathroom? Let’s do the math. Let’s say you do all your rituals for 20 minutes each day. A person’s average lifespan is 79 years old.

Now, you reduce that by at least 20 years, which accounts for the time when you’re young and probably care little about bathrooms. Overall, you dedicate nearly 20 days of your life to the room!

When you’re spending that much in the bathroom, perhaps it’s time to make it cozier than ever before. Here are the best ideas to transform it into a tranquil oasis:

1. Spend a Bit on Luxury

You need not have a tub made of gemstones or marble countertops, but hints of luxury here and there can do wonders. Some expensive-looking bathroom products in Melbourne include:

  • Wood paneling or cladding
  • Stainless steel or chrome faucets
  • Sleek toilets and basins
  • Minimalist-styled mirror

2. Add Greens or Foliage

Does the bathroom feel stuffy, moldy, and humid? It’s all because of moisture. Moisture refers to the water vapor present in the atmosphere or air. When it increases, so does the humidity. Humidity makes any room feel uncomfortable and even foul-smelling.

One way to combat humidity is to add plants. They not only add a touch of color (and green is relaxing!), but they can also absorb excess moisture in a process called foliar uptake.

3. Play Calming, Soothing Music

Do you ever wonder why high-end restaurants play slow, classical music? Many studies already showed that the body responds to it.

Consider a 2013 study in PLOS One. The researchers grouped the participants into three. They listened to classical music, the sound of rippling water, or rest without sound. The team also exposed the recruits to various stressors.


Their analysis then revealed those who listened to classical music lowered their stress response faster than those who rested without sound. This is even though at the beginning, stress levels were the highest among the classical-music group.

So invest in a waterproof Bluetooth and blast some Chopin or Mozart while soaking in a bubble bath.

4. Wrap Some Peppermint or Lavender around the Showerhead

Some herbs are fantastic for the hair. Two of these are lavender and peppermint:

  • Lavender can help promote hair growth, according to a 2016 study on mice.
  • Peppermint is a vasodilator. It helps dilate the blood vessels, allowing the nutrient-carrying blood to reach the scalp faster.

But these herbs can do more than that. Both are relaxing, easing muscle tension. Peppermint is refreshing, which boosts energy.

That’s why it’s great to have them around the bathroom! Even better, you can wrap the plants around the showerhead. This way, when you turn the heat on, the smell spreads and lingers inside the room. Your senses will love it too.

5. Soundproof the Bathroom

An oasis is never noisy, and so your bathroom shouldn’t be too. Consider it a room where you can be with yourself—mind, body, and spirit.

How do you do that? Soundproof the room! Family Handyman has a few tips if you want to go DIY (although it’s best to call an expert). Otherwise, consider closing the gap at the bottom of the door to reduce outside noise.

With these ideas, you can transform any bathroom into a spa and make it a truly relaxing part of the home.

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