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Home Maintenance Activities You Shouldn’t Neglect

Basic home maintenance efforts we do include wiping the floors, doing the laundry, and scrubbing the bathroom. But many of us aren’t proactive enough with our home maintenance. There are a lot more things we have to do. For instance, have you checked on your roof lately?

To ensure that our homes are kept in good condition, we should be diligent in our home maintenance efforts. Here are some commonly forgotten maintenance activities that are crucial to undertake.

Inspect your windows

Chances are, you wash and wipe your windows often. But are you paying enough attention to them when you do? You have to inspect your windows thoroughly. Watch out for trim, signs of caulking, rotting, and holes. Unless you want to risk inviting rainwater in, these are things that should be spotted and fixed immediately.

Check your appliances

One of the most common causes of fire in households is a faulty appliance. So, take care of your appliances and ensure maintenance services are carried to guarantee they’re in optimal condition. Your appliances may be working well. Still, take the time to inspect them thoroughly. They should be clean inside and out—spot for anything that may be clogging the internal functions of your appliances. Most importantly, check the wires and immediately call a qualified electrician if they’re damaged.

Clean your gutters

If you haven’t checked your gutters in a while, get ready for a not-so-pleasant surprise. Many people make the mistake of only cleaning their gutters during the fall, but you should be checking them all year round.

A lot of leaves, debris, mud, and dust can clog your gutters. These things hinder rainwater from effectively being drained from your roof. If you don’t remove them, you’ll risk water leaks and even structural damage. As much as possible, you should be checking your gutters every six months. Take out anything that can cause water to clog.

Check your roof

It’s not a common thing for homeowners to go up to their roofs and inspect them. But this is something you should be doing at least once a year. Though shingles are designed to last a long time, their lifespan tops at 30 years, depending on the type your roof has. Further, hot temperature, strong winds, and harsh weather can ramp up their deterioration.

Climb your roof every year and spot for any bent, cracked, or missing shingles. If you do, have them replaced immediately. Otherwise, rainwater can easily make its way into your attic and damage the foundation of your home.

Take a look at your garage door

fix garage door

The garage door is one of the most-used things around the house. But surprisingly, it’s what homeowners neglect maintaining the most. Most garage doors are made of metal, which is a material prone to corrosion and fatigue. When this happens, rust starts to build up and eats through the metal, damaging your garage door. To increase its lifespan and prevent it from falling accidentally and causing property or bodily damage, spray a lubricant on the springs frequently.

Owning a house involves undertaking a lot of maintenance activities. But this is essential to preserve its quality and keep the dwellers safe. Be careful not to neglect these commonly forgotten home maintenance efforts.

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