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How Much Do You Need to Spend on Storm Doors?

A storm door installation in Denver can cost at least $790, while you should expect to spend up to $8,760 on higher-quality ones depending on the type of material, cost of labor and any additional features.

Most homeowners, however, spend around $4,500 on a typical installation. If you plan to have steel security storm doors, the actual price will be different as they are more durable than other types commonly made of aluminum. Regular storm doors that cost between $230 and $745 fall within the national average. Aside from aluminum, these are usually made of wood or vinyl.

Types of Storm Doors

Full-view, screen, and ventilating storm comprise the three main types of storm doors. Security screen doors can be placed as an additional layer of protection on an existing entry, which can be a cheaper option than installing a security storm door from scratch. Ventilating storm doors help with indoor insulation even during the summer season. On the other hand, storm doors with full-view panels accentuate the exterior door.

Another type involves storm doors that no longer have to be a permanent fixture. You can attach one whenever necessary. Some semi-removable security storm doors have panels that can be changed based on the weather. You can also customize the fittings for each entry in the house. For instance, a door with a lot of UV exposure can have solar shades to block sunlight.

In terms of color choices, most homeowners use bronze and white. Natural mill aluminum is also a popular choice, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to the usual favorites. Manufacturers also offer doors that come in almond, black, brown, cranberry, hunter green and indigo.

Which Is the Best Type?

Wooden front door of a home

The best type of storm door depends on your preference. Choose a ventilating storm door for better privacy with upper-level ventilation. Screen doors are better for homes with decks or porches at the backyard for more ventilation.

By contrast, full-view storm doors are the best choice for the home’s façade. You can leave the exterior door open without worrying about intruders, but keeping unwanted visitors should be a crucial part of its design and artistry.

Other Things to Remember

Contractors in Denver County can charge similar rates for installing storm doors. Some professionals can charge an hourly rate or per entry. Those who hire a general contractor should expect to pay between $540 and $675 for additional fees. You might need a permit before you can proceed with the installation. Most contractors will likely calculate the labor fee based on your chosen type of material for storm doors. For instance, steel is more substantial than wood, so the installation price can be lower for the latter.

While you can spend as low as $230 on a storm door, you’ll need to limit your choices for design and functionality. Consult at least three different door specialists in Denver to know the best prices. Prioritize functionality over design since it makes no sense to have a storm door that doesn’t protect your house.

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