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Hate Fireworks? Do These Instead of Lighting Up Fireworks This Fourth of July

Not every person enjoys fireworks displays. Some find them noisy, some find the lights too bright, and some even get scared of them, especially those with PTSD. So for the upcoming Fourth of July, here are some ideas you can do to celebrate this momentous holiday without lighting up a single firework:

Play lawn games

You can always bring out the inner child in you and organize a lawn game for your whole family to enjoy. You can buy cornhole boards and play with your kids. You can also organize a sack race if you like. You can even play hide-and-seek with your kids if you like. The important thing is that you get to enjoy this holiday with the whole family and your neighbors without having to light up a firework.

Host a patriotic feast

Aside from hosting lawn games, you can always cook something for the Fourth of July with a patriotic twist. If you’re baking a cake, make sure that it looks like the flag of America. You can also concoct drinks that represent America, such as lemon-lime blue slushies. Or you can bake cookie treats that are shaped like stars. Just put some red, white, and blue icing on them to give them the Fourth of July twist.

Host a virtual fireworks display

But if you still want some fireworks on your Fourth of July celebration without the noise and the pollution, you can get a video projector and light up your wall with a virtual fireworks display. If you have a projector, set it up in your living room and use an HDMI cable to hook it up to your TV or laptop. Go to YouTube and look for any videos on fireworks displays. Showcase the whole thing on your wall. This way, your virtual fireworks display will let you enjoy the Fourth of July in the traditional but not-so-traditional sense.

Sparklers can work, too

If you still want to light something up, use sparklers on this holiday. Sparklers are totally safe and quiet. You can enjoy this national holiday without burning your eyes and torturing your ears. If you don’t like sparklers, try using glow sticks instead. They’re just as bright and even safer.

Head to the beach

Another way you can celebrate this holiday is to head to the nearest beach and get a nice tan. Soak in the sun—but be sure to be protected, so wear sunscreen—and enjoy all the water activities you can find: surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, speedboat skiing, hang-gliding, etc.

Light a bonfire

Group of friends holding champagne and sparklers

When the sun is down, rather than go back into the house, why don’t you gather some logs and start a bonfire at the beach or in a park? It’s a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July without having to set off any rockets into the sky. Also, you can bring out the marshmallows and hot dogs and have your kids enjoy some s’mores and piping hot dogs.

It’s also a great way to cozy up to your spouse and just enjoy cuddling up to each other. It may make your kids squirm in disgust, but it will surely put a smile on your wife’s face.

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