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Athletic Trade: Turning Your Sport into a Business

In the world of sports, perseverance often beats talent. And that’s not only exclusive for professional athletes and big-league officials. Even in sports trading and small sports-oriented enterprises, hard work and dedication always stand above mere talent and capital.

With that in mind, here are four simple and budget-friendly ways to turn your love of sports into a stable source of income.


The best thing about product-centered businesses is that they can be done online now. Rather than spending a lot on building or buying a physical shop where marketing will be dependent on location, buying an eCommerce store is much cheaper and easier to maintain. Selling products online also means needing fewer employees. All in all, it’s one of the cheapest ways to consider, and its marketability and success depend on your grind.

    Since almost everyone spent more than a year in home-quarantine, expect that there will be people who are in worse shape than others. That and everyone’s recently discovered awareness of the importance of health and physical fitness, sports gear, and exercise equipment will be on demand for years to come.Whether you sell something sedentary and simple like the Lululemon Reversible yoga mats and Everlast Pro Style boxing gloves or something more motion-based and specific like the Blizzard Black Pearl Ski and the Colnago C64 bicycle, the urgency to get healthier and stay in shape will make it easier for your sales.You can start small with exercise gear like boxing gloves and dumbbells and work your way up as you earn over the months.
    Another surefire product that will always be in demand and easy to market is dietary sports supplements. Athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts alike are starting to get into sports nutrition more these days.Protein shakes, sports and energy drinks, and even dietary laxative pills are now very popular on social media. With this kind of product, your target market grows from athletes and sports enthusiasts to your average Joe and Jane who want to be more Instagram attractive.The key is to start with something that you are anyone you know uses. Since these products are mostly going to the market without being checked by the FDA, it’s better to ensure that what you’ll sell is safe to consume.

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As the world goes digital, it becomes easier for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses in the comforts of their homes. And it’s not just for product-centric businesses. A lot of people are not selling their services online. And whether you have a team or you plan to do it on your own, you can do this too.

    People spend loads of money going to the gym and getting trained to stay fit. But with the risk of exposure to COVID-19, some are starting to hesitate. This can be your opportunity. Offering physical and personal fitness training virtually is safer and more flexible than doing it in the gym. You can start by training those you already know and are near you. Once you get the hang of it, going global can be easier than you think. By using people’s social media usage, there’s a chance you can market your business and services for free without breaking a sweat. Choose your niche. Something that makes you unique and new, like dog yoga or virtual fitness training for soon-to-be mommies. Offer free sessions to people with more than a thousand followers online, and voila! Your chance to go viral skyrockets.The best thing about doing this is the fact that you can flexibly add other income-generating gigs once you’ve become popular. If you’ve become known for your unique workout routines, selling multiple original workout plans would be easy. If you’re more popular because of trendy gimmicks like Tik-Tok challenges, then doing collabs with YouTube vloggers would be an easier way to monetize your presence.
    This is by far the most low-cost way to generate money in sports. There are various avenues, and almost all of them only require skills as your capital. If you love to write, you can start a sports blog and write about your favorite sports. Since you’re probably one of the few people who read nowadays, going with a sports podcast would be a more financially sound decision. You can do it alone or with a friend. Just talk about everything that’s happening in sports. You can earn money by just sharing your opinion. How amazing is that? Another way related to podcasts is a Youtube Vlog. Either you commentate games or upload reviews of highlight videos already created by others, there will definitely be an audience. And speaking of highlight videos, if you have video editing skills, that could be the one!The best way to tackle this is by choosing a particular target market at first. From your audience being basketballs fans, go smaller and focus on the NBA. Go even smaller than that and work on NBA 2k first. And then, as your viewer count goes up, your content can grow bigger as well.
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