7 Tools That You Need for a DIY Tiling Project

Are you thinking of tackling a tiling project without any professional help? Almost any construction project can be done the DIY way if you have enough patience, knowledge, skills, and passion to pursue it. A good project to have under your belt is tile installation. It can be quite tricky at first, but it will definitely improve your DIY skills.

Before you DIY, here are the essential tiling tools that you should have:


1. Tile Leveling System


A good floor tile leveling system is a handy tool that helps you lay down perfect, leveled tiles. In a tile leveling kit, you will find tile strips that allow even grout joint width, as well as quick caps that distribute the weight of the tiles. Meanwhile, the tile nippers in the kit will help you adjust the pressure depending on the tiles' thickness. 


2. Manual Tile Cutter


A manual tile cutter is an ultimate must-have for any tiling project. This type of cutter is used to make straight or diagonal cuts on tiles. Aside from providing clean and sharp cuts, a manual cutter is relatively easy to use and carry around. 


3. Drill Bits


With a high-quality drill bit, you can make holes in tiles without cracking the whole surface. Invest in different diameters of drill bits that will allow you to create various sizes of holes. Moreover, opt for something that has lateral openings, which can remove residues from the holes after drilling.


4. Electric Mixer


Having an electric mortar mixer can help you do your project easier and more efficiently. Invest in a good mortar mixer so you can get a smooth, homogenized mixture every time, which will increase the longevity and strength of the mortar. 


5. Grout Float and Grout Sponge


After you finish grouting, a grout float allows you to remove the excess grout from the tiles in a smooth, even manner. However, a thin, chalky layer of grout is left on the surface of the tiles. This is where the grout sponge comes in. Grout sponges are thick, dense sponges that remove the residue to give you a clean finish. 


6. Tile Trowels


Tile trowels are the tools you use to apply mortar on the walls or floors. Look for an appropriately-sized trowel that will give you a smooth finish so that tiles adhere evenly on the mortar. Usually, tile trowels come in different shapes and sizes. But for general tiling projects, buy a 1/4" x 1/4" square trowel or a U-notched trowel. 


Tile cutter

7. Electric Tile Cutters


An electric tile cutter can give you more precise and accurate cuts than a manual one. That said, if you want to make perfect tile cuts, invest in a professional electric cutter that can cut through various materials such as ceramic, stoneware, and porcelain.


Tile installation gives you a whole new skill set that you can put on your list of DIY capabilities. If you think you are ready to take on the challenge, make sure you have these items in your tool arsenal.

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