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What to Do After Moving into a New House

When you are moving to a new house, the last thing you want is to have to spend the night on the floor because you did not get to finish unpacking for one reason or the other. You will already be tired after packing and moving out of your old house.

Coupled with the moving in pressure, you might end up throwing in the towel and resort to living out of boxes. This will, in turn, affect the quality of your life over the next few weeks until you manage to sort everything out with the help of removal companies in Adelaide.

You can have them do the packing and unpacking on your behalf. But what happens if you do not have the extra cash to pay for this premium service? It is actually quite possible to manage the madness on your own in six easy steps.

House Inspection

Inspect your house from top to bottom and take note of any issues that need fixing. If you are a tenant, notify your superintendent and set a date for him to come and fix them. If you own the home, then plan accordingly and be sure to fix the issues sooner rather than later.

Cleaning Up

While your house should ideally be clean before you move in; if the house is in a mess, make sure you clean it before you start offloading your furniture. This is because you are bound to be exhausted for the next few days and will not be in a position to give your house a proper cleanup for a while.


Formulate a quick mental layout of where you want everything to go and have your movers place the furniture and boxes in those exact positions. This will save you the energy and time it will take you to move around boxes as you unpack later on. It will also get you half o the premium service cunningly at no extra cost.


family unpacking and enjoying new home

Inspect every item as you unpack and take note of any damaged that were not there before. You moving company is obligated to refund you for any damage to your property caused during the moving process.


Turn on your water and electricity to ensure everything works before nightfall. Set up your internet connection or organize to have your internet service provider come and set it up for you.

If your electricity is not working, have your superintendent work on it before nightfall. Also, plug in your refrigerator for it to reacclimatize before you stock it.


Change your locks and make sure your alarm works if not call your security provider immediately. You should also make a point of meeting and introducing yourself to your neighbors.

Last but not least, make sure that you induct your pets to their new home and set up their quarters so they can fit in. Also, ensure that your sleeping provisions are in order before nightfall.

It’s stressful having to move out of an old house and into a new one. But with a few preparations, it can be a lot easier. Enjoy your new life!

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