What Makes the Best Burger in the World?

In the year 2016, the world consumed a total of 129.5 billion pounds of beef. Uruguay made it to the top, followed by Argentina and Hong Kong. For these three countries, the total consumed amount of beef per capita is more than 100 pounds. The United States took the 4th position in consumed beef per capita. It is so popular that even a burger joint in Singapore and the rest of Asia are experiencing an increase in consumption.

The other six countries that consumed more than 50 pounds of beef per capita are Australia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada, Chile, and Kazakhstan.

While steak is the most popular dish in the world, there is no doubt that many people consume a lot of burgers too. In the United States, the yearly consumption is around 50 billion burgers or three burgers every week for every American.

The World Loves Burgers

For most people, the ideal burger is considered an achievement of architecture, much like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. Every piece was carefully constructed with great attention and professional consideration. The difference is you are not required to have an architecture or engineering degree so you can have a perfectly-made burger.

Many food experts did their research in creating the formula for the perfect burger. While some of them did great with this area, the method of Claire Saffitz can be considered the best. This senior food editor worked long and hard for the formula, and here are the ingredients that go into a truly marvellous burger.

A delicious burger is more than homemade ketchup and brioche bun. When achieving the perfect burger, a person must know the excellent proportion of juicy beef, crunchy lettuce, sharp onion, and special sauce wrapped in a squishy and soft bun.

The Patty


The ratio for the juicy and delicious patty is 80/20 ground beef. That’s 80% lean, and 20% fat since fat is vital to achieving a perfect patty with genuine beefy flavour. The ideal size of a patty is 5 oz. and it must be somewhere in between a thin and hefty patty.

Here are the five things that you need to remember while making and cooking patties:

The patty must be more significant than the bun since they will shrink as you cook.

Depression in the middle is critical as you cook to avoid meat contractions and balloons. You can use your finger or spoon to do this. As soon as you can see juices in the depression, that’s the perfect time to flip your patty.

Jumpstart the frying process by rubbing a little amount of neutral oil or vegetable oil on the patty. During the frying process, the patty will release fat, and that will serve as its frying medium.

Create moisture to the surface of your party by salting both sides before it hits the skillet.

Once the patty has settled on the pan, don’t fuss it or do anything that can interrupt the cooking process. You only need to be patient and let the heat do the work. Sustained and uninterrupted meat to heat contact is essential to achieve a maximum browning. Always remember that an undisturbed patty is a happy patty.

The Cheese

Any cheese will be fine for a perfect burger, but American cheese is best. It perfectly melts, mild, and creamy that can complement the taste of the patty.

The Bun

Avoid the bakery bun, the brioche, and the pretzel bun. The burger must highlight the taste of the beef and not the bread. For the perfect bun, go for a squishy and soft one.

The Lettuce

Crunch is the most important thing about lettuce. You need to make sure that you will only use crunchy lettuce to create the perfect burger.

The Onion

Those people who have onion can skip this one, but the thinly sliced onion can boost the tasty and crunchy bite of your burger. Create big slices of onion that can fully cover the patty and get a piece of it with every bite.

The Sauce

A special sauce in a burger is like an icing on the cake. This ingredient brings everything together. The special sauce finishes a perfect burger with a sweet, hot, salty, and fatty punch.


Everyone loves a cheesy and beefy burger. Every bite of a specially made burger can set the mood of any friendly hang out or afternoon snacks. So you can consider this delicious food the next time you invite everyone to your house.

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