Things to Consider Before Changing the Color of Your Car

The law allows you to repaint your car with a new color. But you have to register this new color with the DMV and call your insurance company. The DMV charges a hefty fee for a change in car color. Your car insurance will want more documents to prove that this car is the same one they have under policy.

Yes, it is tempting to rent or buy an automotive spray booth, but you should rethink your decision of a color change. Instead of changing the color, you can give the car a fresh coat of paint. That will freshen up the dull and faded car color without having to change its hue and tone.

If you’re still contemplating a color change, here are the three things that you should consider:


In a perfect world, whenever you get bored with your current car, you can buy a new one. Unfortunately, even the multi-billionaires of the world don’t think that way. Otherwise, they won’t be as rich as they are. You can choose to change the car’s color. Although it is expensive, it is cheaper and less of a hassle than buying a new car.

You should take note that changing the car’s color is expensive. You won’t only need to change the color of the exposed parts. You also need to change the shade under the hood, the inside of the engine compartment and the door handles, and the surface of the door openings. Paint shops usually charge per part or area of the car that needs a repaint.

You can go for a two-tone look, painting only the exposed parts. But, that does not mean you won’t need to re-register your car. You need to troop to the DMV to inform them about the changes in your car’s paint job.



Many things affect the resale value of the car. If you’re selling a classic car model, you can cut its cost by 20% with new paint. People look and buy classic cars because they want the stock engine, rims, and factory color. Changing the color of the vehicle will reduce its value.

Yet, if you’re going to stick with your car for a long time, you can have it repainted with a new color. If you’re selling it shortly, stick with the old color for a while. Wait until such time you can buy a new one with the color of your choice.


Painting a car is best left to the professionals. You cannot do away with a DIY paint job unless you have prior experience in automotive painting. More than likely, you’ll mess it up and will need to pay someone to fix your mistakes. That will cost more in the long run. Do not paint the car using your amateur techniques. Wait until you have enough money and bring the vehicle to a professional.

It is tempting to have the car repainted with another color. But stop and think about your decision first. A car paint job is not only expensive. It is also time-consuming (your car needs to be at the paint shop for 30 days to cure).

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