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The Things that Make Student Housing Feel Like Home

Land developers and construction companies know that just building a sturdy structure will not be enough to satisfy residents. Even for student housing, which will go to residents who might not have enough to spend on lavish condominiums, comfort is still a priority. And then there’s the design to think of.

Several elements transform plans for student housing to something that feels more like home.


From the cladding to the glass rainscreen, the emphasis is on keeping moisture out and insulating the property for extreme temperatures. Residential buildings need to accommodate day-to-day living, which will be difficult if the walls are destroyed by humidity or the interiors get unbearably hot. For this purpose, construction firms take some of the elements used in commercial buildings to enforce their walls and secure the comfort of residents once they move in.

Social Hub

Much like condominiums have that space for interaction and social events, student housing should also have a hub where residents can share ideas and meet likeminded individuals. These days, social hubs have become an essential feature in apartment complexes. Even older residents find this to be a nifty amenity that lets them interact with their neighbors. It adds to the homey vibe of the property, with the social hub acting as the living area. Every resident has their rooms to retreat into, but when they want to socialize, they have the place to do so.

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Personal Space

Nothing is more important than each resident’s personal space. Students, of course, need a quiet place where they can do most of their studying. Given that this is the main reason they live in such a housing option, it makes sense that this is the priority of developers. Each resident’s personal space should come with the amenities conducive to studying. They have their sleeping quarters and ample space for their study desk and books. They should also have enough room for their clothes so that they don’t feel cramped into a tiny space.

Bonus: Gym and Laundry Room

A laundry room is a must for student housing, as each student will have to do their laundry with no parent to rescue them. They won’t spend on a washing machine of their own because it’s another thing to carry out of the room when it’s time to move out. The same is true for gym equipment, and this makes a communal space perfect for their needs.

This applies not just to student housing but also to multi-family buildings constructed to be as open as student accommodation. Though your residents are families who have more money to spend, they shouldn’t have to go far to get their laundry done. Having accessible gym equipment also adds to the attractiveness of the building, mainly because working residents will not have time to stop by a gym on their way to work.

Student housing gives construction companies a good look into what renters want in their living quarters. These days, people of all ages miss the communal aspects of their dorm rooms, so consider that when designing your next building.

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