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The Daunting Task of Growing Your Hair

While clean cuts and short hairdos have always been a staple among men’s favorite hairstyles, there is a beauty and pride behind growing your hair out and testing the limits. Especially when you look at good-looking actors like Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves rock longer hair, it pumps you up and gives you the determination to try it out yourself. Plus, with everyone still kicking it back on the couch and staying at home, there’s no better time than now to see what you’ll look like with long hair.

However, while the obvious answer to growing your hair out is simply not cutting it and waiting, there’s a lot more than a lot of men fail to realize. In fact, if you’ve already started and are ahead of everyone else, you might already be struggling with some difficulties and weird phases. So, for those yet to embark on the journey and those two steps ahead, here’s a quick guide on growing your hair.

Everyone’s Hair Is Different

Number one, stop comparing your hair’s growth progress to others. Sure, you could argue that the majority of men fall under the category of specific hair types. Still, it’s a pretty long stretch to assume one man’s beautiful locks are objectively similar to another man’s mane. So, regardless of the advice you get, always tailor the experience and process to your hair.

  • Your Goal Might Not Be Possible: Another thing to realize is that not all hair is made equal, and if you’re gunning for a certain style, you should always do a rain check if it’s actually possible to do. If you’ve got curly hair and the goal is to have a long and straight mane, you will need some extra steps and treatment to achieve it.
  • Ask Help From A Hairstylist: There’s only so much you can do alone, so before resigning to a lone wolf attitude towards growing out your hair, we suggest that you ask help from a hairstylist. They’ll be able to give you personal advice on your hair, tell you what’s best, and come clean with what’s possible.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Haircuts For Maintenance

We get it; it may sound counterproductive to cut your hair when you’re trying your best to grow it out, but trimming a bit every 6-8 weeks for the purpose of maintenance is crucial. Sure, just growing it out may be the most efficient way, but you’re also at the mercy of split ends, your sides getting very messy, and the risk of being demotivated. So, instead of taking a full-caveman approach, sprinkle in some cleaning and tidying up cuts.

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The Awkward Stage is Inevitable

As we’ve mentioned before, you’re going to run into an awkward stage sooner or later. And if you’re wondering what it’s like, it’s a weird transitional phase where none of your previous styles work. Your hair is too long for certain hairdos but not long enough to get anything done. However, to cope with this inevitable awkward stage, our advice is to embrace it. The only reason why it feels weird is that you’re stepping into uncharted territory.

  • Work With What You Have: Experiment, experiment, and experiment some more. You need to get used to longer hair, and that means phasing out all those shorter hairstyles. Try out something new, and don’t be afraid to fail the first few tries.
  • Use Accessories: If your hair refuses to cooperate, try using some accessories to tone them down. A simple and effective way is by using a hairband right after showering and not worrying about them for the rest of the day. You could also opt to use hair clips for your sides to dial back into some familiar territory of style with a faux-undercut.

Practice Good Hair Care

Just as you would install custom solar shades to your windows to keep your interior furnishings safe from damage, you also want to show the same level of care and protection to your hair. When growing it out, you also end up with a lot more hair to take care of, and if you aren’t used to giving your mane some TLC, now’s the time to change.

  • Tone Down Shampoo Use: Using shampoo every single day dries your hair out and strips the scalp of essential oils. Slowly transition to using it only twice a week and replace your daily wash with a conditioner.
  • Stay Active: Growing healthy hair also calls for a healthy lifestyle, and if you want your mane to look great when it’s all long, you must stay active. So, engage in regular exercise and strive for a balanced diet to encourage growth and get the necessary nutrients into your beautiful locks.

Bottom Line: It’s Not Impossible

While growing your hair out may look tough on the outside, if you put in the right amount of effort, it’s not impossible to do. So, take our advice and see what you can improve with your hair care routine. Also, feel free to share this with your friends who are also trying to achieve long hair.

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