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The Allure of European Cars

As the population increases, there is a possibility that they will move around. To that end, they will most likely buy a car. The market is now wide open with almost a world of possibilities due to globalization. With many brands to choose from, it seems difficult for the consumer to decide, but somehow, the European cars have maintained an identity that distinguishes them from the rest of the world.

Along with the entry of brands from other countries, there is also the opening of the worldwide market. Here is where the European cars truly established their identity and international appeal. There are now Skoda cars for sale in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Kiwi market is an example of the effects of globalization since they are not as strict as their neighbour, Australia. They are more open to manufacturers so the Kiwis have more choices. Clearly, European cars have had a comfortable niche here, and there are some very good reasons for that.

Europe vs. Asia

New Zealand has had choices between Asian manufacturers and imported European cars. They have found their own customers who have their own preferences.

The European cars have subtle details that can sometimes be brushed aside. There are some European brands that have gone through the process of “acoustical design,” which addresses noise and vibration issues. These are appreciated by the affluent, who demand and also have the money to pay for elegance.

Asian cars have the jump on value and technological innovation, and in general, they are cheaper than the European luxury brands. There are more European brands that have been introduced, like Skoda who can rival the value for money that Asian brands offer.

The emphasis for the European brands is still style and function and these can be found in the smaller details that they pay much attention to. From the hand stitching on the fabrics, even the plastics that they use, there is high quality all around. For the refined car buyer, these details make the difference in their decision.

Safety as Priority

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There are also some European cars that have emphasized safety. For many brands, safety is a priority, but they just keep up with the industry standards. They do not commit to making innovations in the realm of car safety.

Safety features like the three-point seatbelt are some of the safety innovations that are credited to European carmakers. These brands have become a legend in the safety field, but the peers from their region have followed suit.

The European brands have also incorporated the premium safety features across their entire line of vehicles. Thus, even those who could not afford their luxury line can access the best safety features on their vehicles.

Comfortable Driving Experience

Aside from safety, European brands have concentrated on innovations that offer an easier and more comfortable driving experience. The parking assistance gadgets and features are known to be pioneered by European brands. Some of these programs could take over the steering and braking functions of a car to be able to park without human intervention.

Most drivers would agree that parking is one of the more tedious aspects of driving, and with the breakthroughs in parking assistance, it’s a relief for the motorists around the world.

The global market requires all brands to be world-class as they would be in stiff competition. However, it also opens up markets. The European carmakers have a world-renowned reputation that certain market segments have embraced and this allowed them to flourish in different countries.

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