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Smart Bachelor Pad Decorating Ideas

A bachelor pad has no strict definition, but one thing is certain: it is your personal haven. As a single man, you need a home that fits your lifestyle, interests, and hobbies. Design your space with this in mind and you will be sure to love where you live and at the same time impress your mates and dates.

Designing a bachelor pad is no easy feat, whether it’s a cozy country home or a posh estate in London. But these proven ideas and techniques will help make your project a success:

Mix Dark with Bright Colors

Dark colors are a signature feature of bachelor pads. But it is essential to balance it with brighter colors to liven up your space. For instance, dark wood floors go better with light-colored walls and neutral upholstery. They put the spotlight on the grains and knots of the wood and direct the eye to the floor and everything that’s within eye level, making the space more inviting. Ask a reputable flooring contractor to help you find the best type of dark-colored floors for your bachelor pad and you can work your way from there.

Go Bold with Hard Materials

Nothing speaks “confidence” and independence than hard materials such as metal, masonry, and hardwood. These materials are often the foundations of bachelor pad design. Be it exposed brick, huge slabs of polished concrete floors, or wide hardwood beams. If you’re going for an industrial look, match metal with weathered wood. Concrete is best when it’s consistent. Don’t be afraid to go all-out with concrete for your floors, walls, and surfaces.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Soft

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Bachelor pads are often taken too literally by amateurs or DIY designers. Think of James Bond villain’s brutalist modern house with steel trusses, cathedral-like windows, and all-gray interiors. The concept is fun, but it doesn’t always create the most livable house.

Comfort is still a top priority in any space, and shying away from more “feminine” elements such as tufted rugs, round shapes, refined textures, and nude colors could limit your options. Invite warmth into your pad by balancing hard and heavy elements with items that are pleasing to the eyes and touch. For example, place a dark brown leather couch over a neutral rug with minimal patterns, throw in some pillows, and a round coffee table.

Accessorise Down to Your Taste

Accessories are not just extras. They complete the look and ambience you want to achieve. For instance, if you want a more playful living room, all you would need is an accent chair, colorful bean bags and artwork. You can also add plants to bring the outdoors in and fill empty areas. If you love to entertain friends and family, a bar and pool table will be instant hits. When accessorising, always think about how these details will add value to your home and lifestyle and how they match with your personal tastes and preferences.

Living solo does not have to be dull. Live in style as a single man and make your personality shine with these simple design tricks.

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