Protect Your Tires This Summer in Four Simple Steps

Summer is fast approaching, and this means that the road will be hot to the touch. While you will probably spend most of your time riding in your car, you should take into consideration that the pavement could slowly melt through your tires.

The heat from the pavement might be too much for your tires that you will experience a blowout while you are driving to the grocery store. So just like those people whose job is to protect the road you are driving on by doing asphalt sealing in Sandy, Utah or any other state, you should also try to protect your tires.

You only have to follow these four simple tips.

Keep them clean

Clean your tires regularly. This means that after a long drive from the office, do not just leave your car in the garage without washing off any of the debris they have collected. Wash them for a few minutes, clear the debris, and apply a protectant to help them withstand the heat from the asphalt. Also, if the temperature outside is too high, limit your driving time or better yet, stay at home.

Inspect them

Before you head out for the road, check your tires if they are still in tiptop shape. Heat can cause your tires to expand and lead to a blowout. To prevent a blowout, check if your tires are hot to the touch. If the surface of your tires is too hot, it is risky to take your vehicle out onto the road because you might experience a blowout.

Replace them

replacing a tire

Make it a habit to rotate your tires even if it is not summer. This is to make sure that all your tires are wearing out evenly and not just one tire.

Also, now that winter is over, make sure to replace your winter tires with wheels fit for summer. Winter tires are not equipped to handle the summer heat, so make sure to remove them and replace them with other tires before you start driving this hot season.

Ease on the load

We were taught in school that friction could wear out any material, and that is true for tires, too. When your car is carrying too much load, there will be too much friction on your tires as they drag across the pavement when you hit the brakes. So, lessen the load if you can.

Do not carry heavy loads in your car if you do not need to. Also, drive more slowly than usual. When you drive fast, this means that when you hit the brakes, the friction between your tires and the pavement will be excessive. That could lead to a blowout, too.

Now that you have heard the four simple steps to taking care of your tires this summer, you should also take note that they make up the acronym T.I.R.E. It makes it easier for you to remember how to protect your tires during this season, which will probably be an excessively hot one.

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