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Prepping Basics for Your Home

Talks of civil war, new pandemics, murder hornets, and whatnot are in the air. Billionaires are buying up private islands and moving there, while ordinary people are buying guns. Preppers that were once the butt of jokes now have the last laugh. Of course, you don’t need a bunker in the middle of nowhere (not yet at least), but making your home a bastion of safety should be a priority.

Lock Up

Security systems are fine if the police are actually coming. In the most trying of times, it could be everyone for themselves, and the police could be out battling for their own safety. Your house’s safety falls entirely into your hands and the preparations you make. A few extra bolts on your door (preferably reinforced) should keep unsavory people out. Add more security with a door camera. It allows you to see who’s knocking or attempting to come in.

Boarding your windows should be a last resort. However, installing security film should make them a bit safer. Security film adds a layer of protection to your windows, preventing it from being breached without sufficient force. It is especially handy when rioters are throwing rocks — or Molotovs — into people’s homes.

Stay In

Part of staying safe is weathering out whatever is happening outside. Whether it’s civil unrest, a new pandemic, or even zombies, staying inside will increase your chances of survival. Since grocery runs are off the table, you’ll need an adequate amount of supplies. Thankfully, modern emergency supplies are more reliable than simply stocking up on canned food. Dry emergency supplies can last for 20-25 years, and they come in a variety of flavors (some are actually good).

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A 6-month supply should be enough to weather out most situations, but you can buy extra if you want to be extra safe. Emergency food supplies are affordable, with some costing less (per meal) than your everyday fare. Water should be easily accessible unless the water lines are cut. Stock up on water, just in case, as well as a purifier or two. Of course, you’ll also need medication for emergencies as well as a few bandages for indoor accidents.

Keep Others Out

While dogs were once enough to keep people out, that’s not the case in any major crisis. You’ll need a more solid measure for home defense. 2020 saw the largest boom of gun-buying in the USA. With rioting in the streets and calls to defund the police, Americans took it upon themselves to protect their loved ones and property.

Now, if you don’t already have a weapon, it might be time to get one. Of course, you’ll need proper training to ensure you don’t hurt yourself and those around you. Without a means to protect your home, all your preparations can be for naught. You’ll need a locker to keep the kids safe as well as to remind you that opening it is the last resort.

Make your house safe, get enough supplies, and have the means to protect it. The apocalypse might never come, but making your home a little safer is always a good thing.


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