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Packing Precious Jewelry: Ways to Do It Right

While looking for local moving companies to hire, researching some great packing tips, and planning all the interior decorations you want for your new home, it’s understandable why many people forget about packing and transporting precious jewelry items. In the grand scheme of things, it may seem like a tiny concern compare to everything you have to settle to make your move as smooth as possible. But whether your jewelry piece is worth five dollars or five thousand dollars, it’s essential to keep track of everything and make sure they’re all properly packed. As anyone who has ever experienced untangling a single necklace, you certainly wouldn’t want to untangle 20. With that in mind, here are some handy jewelry packing hacks:

Make an Inventory of All Your Jewelry

Moving is the perfect time to do a thorough inventory of all the jewelry pieces you own. It doesn’t matter whether your collection rivals a royalty’s or just a few tiny pieces of sentimental items. You need to have an accurate record of everything you own before you even start putting them inside your moving boxes. When you have a reliable list, you won’t have to think about leaving anything behind accidentally on the day of your move. This will only add to your unnecessary stress. Just check and double check your records to see if everything has been packed and transported to the truck.

Separate All Your Valuable Items from Your Costume Jewelry

All your jewelry items that hold a special place in your heart, whether it’s a gift from your other half, a family heirloom, or your grandma’s precious ring, have to sort out and placed separately from the rest of your collection. Vintage pieces and other gifts from friends and family also deserve a special box, whether they have monetary or emotional value. You can let the movers handle all your costume jewelry items, but for all your valuable ones, it’s highly recommended to keep them with you during the move at all times. Yes, carry all these pieces with you on the day of your move.

Use Toilet Paper Rolls for Your Necklaces

Gold jewelry and pearls in a box

Necklaces are the most tangle-prone jewelry items, so when you’re moving a lot at one time, there’s a big chance that they’ll all get tangled up. Again, this could cause you a lot of unnecessary frustration. So, to keep all your necklaces properly separated and tangle-free, thread each one through a small toilet paper roll. Then, once everything has been looped through, clasp each one shut. Not only will this prevent your necklaces from getting tangled up, but it will also make unpacking a lot easier.

In the end, remember that packing tapes and rubber bands are must-haves. Make sure that all your containers and cases are safe by sealing them with rubber bands and packing tapes. Before putting all your jewelry pieces inside plastic or ziplock bags, wrap them for added protection. If you need more suggestions, you can look for other sources online.

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