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Man and Machine: Other Racing Spectacles You Should Watch

If you feel the need, the need for speed that is, you must be a fan of motorsports. While there are circuits out there that can let you run a few laps for a fee, you generally do not have many options when it comes to satisfying this craving. But the good thing is, there is much to learn and appreciate behind the scenes. At the garage, you will see engineers huddled up and thinking of ways on how to eke out more power from the engine. These are people who probably check the listings for two-post auto lifts for sale. It would not be surprising to see such a heavy piece of diagnostic equipment at their workplace. Those vehicles can weigh a ton after all.

Motorsport racing is not the only avenue for all things fast. Here are other sporting events in which man and machine meld together to compete with others.

Jet Boat Racing

There are people out there who get queasy when they are traveling by water. The constant rocking of the vessel even under calmer tides can trigger motion sickness, and those who cannot take it anymore are expected to unload their meals out to sea or into barf bags. Given these, what could be interesting about jet boat racing then? Well, a lot of things. For one, these boats go really fast, and their hulls are designed to cut through little waves like butter.

Jet boats run over a course that has relatively shallow water, and the competitors vie for the best time. Patches of land make for barriers or obstacles that also lead to creating the corners and turns around the track. When you see the boats run a lap, they whiz by so fast you think they are about to launch themselves to the air. They have a wide turning radius, so expect to see a huge splash every time it is done. Watching this will make you realize there is no other way to move over water as fast as this.


What do you get when you mate motocross with snow sledding? You get snowcross. The wheels are replaced with two flat planks at the front, with a wider one at the rear. These cover a lot of surface area so the vehicle does not dig through or sink in the snow. Just like motocross, the track design would have sharp corners and tight hairpin turns. Adding to the spectacle and excitement are ramps that could launch the riders several feet high in the air. The rider would have to learn to control weight distribution midair and land safely. A successful one is punctuated with an explosion of white powder as the vehicle hits the ground.

Drone Racing

white drone hovering in a bright blue sky

Many people who are familiar with drones recognize them as gizmos that allow you to shoot with sweeping camera angles, or just plainly play with it. But recently, they have launched an alternative racing scene.

Drone racing differs from speed boat racing and snowcross because its participants are actually detached from the competing machines themselves. The machines are fitted with cameras. The images are fed to the VR headsets that the “pilots” wear. If you are interested in competing, quick hand-eye coordination and impeccable calculations will get you far. Since drones have much more freedom when it comes to movement, there will be a penalty if they veer off course.

Seeing the drones fly like birds above the course is exciting enough, but it is mesmerizing to see the view from the lens of their cameras.

People can get passionate about moving fast and being the first to the finish line. There are avenues where this can be brought out, and one of them is by watching racing competitions. It is amazing to witness the skill of the competitors and the power of the machines behind them.

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