Landscape Design Ideas for an Aesthetic Business Exterior

Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand in good business landscape design. The design should improve your building’s overall appearance and image but also fulfill a practical function. Most new company owners need commercial landscaping facilities to promote the ambiance for their staff and clients, while some would want to change the look of their present area to attract new consumers. Here are some innovative commercial landscape design concepts to consider that will attract business growth.

Make Use of Trees, Shrubs, and Bushes

Greenery can go unnoticed at first, but are you aware that the color green elicits good emotions like calm and prosperity? When a consumer is due to visit your establishment, you want them to feel good about the experience. You can do trees, shrubs, and bushes in your commercial landscaping in the following ways:

  • Create a green buffer around your building’s perimeter by planting small trees or shrubs. Providing shade for your business not only looks good but also saves you money on your summer air conditioning bills. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone by doing so.
  • Use plants to border walkways and paths.
  • Installing topiary plants in your commercial landscaping can give it more dimension and character. Trees and bushes that you can shape into various forms, including animals, numerals, and even characters, are available for purchase. Take note that topiary plants will need commercial lawn care regularly, but you can always purchase artificial grass to lessen the maintenance.

Pay Close Attention to the Entrance

For a commercial enterprise, having a welcoming entry space is critical since it greets your clients. A welcome entryway includes emphasizing the entrance and granting special access to the company property. You wouldn’t want your clients getting lost in trying to find your front door, so take note of these creative business landscaping ideas and give your company an appealing entrance:

  • Bright flowers at the entryway will draw customers’ attention.
  • Create a walkway with beautiful stones or bricks from the parking area to your front door.
  • If the building’s entrance is on the side, you can establish a pathway from your parking lot to your business’ door by using noticeable signs like arrows to show visitors which way to go.
  • Add symmetrical plants on either side of the doors at the entryway.
  • Keep the doors immaculate and clearly show the hours of operation, company name, and brand.

Outdoor Lighting

energy efficient

Regardless of whether your business is open in the evening or not, properly-placed lighting is necessary for both security and aesthetics. Here are a few suggestions for your business’s exterior lighting:

  • For the sake of safety, install LED lighting on the sidewalks and paths leading to the car park. In the evenings, staff and customers can safely return to their vehicles.
  • Enhance your drive-by appeal and visibility by illuminating your business’ logo and name.

Seating Areas Outside

A sitting area outside your company might be a good idea if you have a large lot. Having an outside seating space for your staff to take breaks or have lunch is a beautiful idea if you run a small to medium business with shift workers. And everybody enjoys fresh air. Guests who need to wait will benefit from having an outside dining space. While they’re waiting to go back in, they can use this outdoor space instead of staying inside. To help you plan for your business’s exterior seating area, here are a few concepts to consider:

  • Improve the entry pathway by adding seats.
  • Install a gazebo with recycling bins, trash cans, and a picnic table for commercial premises with wide-open spaces.
  • Make use of outdoor furniture that has the same color scheme as your company’s logo. Seat cushions and umbrellas, for example, provide warmth and coziness to the space.

Fixtures and Water Fountains

Most of the time, people are soothed and uplifted by the sound of running water. Incorporating a visually beautiful water fountain in your business space can boost the buying experience of your consumers. You can implement this in a variety of innovative ways:

  • Placing a large pot converted to a water fountain in the middle of a colorful flower bed separated into four equal sections
  • Installing a stone-on-stone water fountain to complement the flowering plants
  • You can use a statuary water fountain as a center point at the building’s front entrance.

The location and size of shrubs and trees are essential considerations when planning your landscape’s layout to ensure it looks beautiful and elegant on a larger scale. Moreover, keep in mind how much care the design will take before you pick it. A maintenance contract may be an option if you’re unsure of keeping it in good shape yourself.

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