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Tips on How to Keep Your Car Interior Cooler in Summers

Summer is here, and it has already become really hot. However, you need to travel in your car for various reasons like work, school or anything else. Then the question is how to keep your car interior cooler when traveling?

Here are eight tips on how to keep your car interior cooler in this heatwave:

1. Window Tinting

One of the most effective ways how to keep your car interior cooler in summer is by getting it tinted. You can get window films which you can install yourself or hire a professional window tinting for this purpose, whichever you choose, it will help you immensely. When installed properly, this will decrease the heat from entering the cabin area. In addition, if you go to a reputable company, they will also make sure that there are no leaks and rips in your car upholstery because that could let dust particles inside the car and cause irritation.

2. Fabric Covers

The next tip on how to keep your car interior cooler in summer is by covering all the upholstery with fabric covers. There are a number of companies who offer this service. You can get custom-made covers that fit inside your car and offer maximum coolness to the passengers. With such fabric coverings, you will be able to reduce the temperature in the car by a tremendous amount, thus making it cooler for all occupants of the car.

3. Sunshades

Sunshades are extremely helpful in keeping a car interior cooler in summers because they reflect sunlight and keep a large portion of heat from entering inside. The best thing is that they also come with auto tinting features which work great along with the tinting service mentioned above. You must install them properly on the windshield or side windows where there is no shade offered by any vehicle part. In addition, these shades will also help you save a lot on your car’s air conditioner as it will not have to work as much to cool the cabin area.

4. Body-Colored Wraps

Another great and simple way how to keep your car interior cooler in summer is by getting the exterior of the car wrapped in a body-colored wrap. This will help you protect your car paint from dulling, make it look stylish, and it will also help with maintain the temperature of your car. It might be a bit costly, but it’s worth spending every penny because installing these wraps will ensure no sun penetration inside your vehicle and thus keep the cabin area cool.

5. Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film works just like body-colored wraps mentioned above. You can get this film installed on all four corners and windows of the vehicle, thus preventing heat from entering in. The best thing about these films is that they are invisible while installed inside the car and can also be removed anytime you don’t want them.

6. Dashboard Covers

Dashboard covers are yet another simple way how to keep your car interior cooler in summer. You must check out the various dash cover products available online, like seat covers, steering wheel covers, etc., because it will help you protect your dashboard from fading or being damaged by heat. You can even go for custom-made products if you know where to get them done.

7. Sun Roof Shades

Cars with push-button sunroofs have a great feature of opening up panoramic windows, which let a large amount of sunlight in the cabin area freely; this is not good when looking for ways how to keep your car interior cooler in the summer. It would help if you used sunroof shades to cover these push buttons and fight against heat penetration while maintaining the view through your panoramic windows.

8. Park In Shade

Last but not least, you can keep your car’s interior cooler in summer is by parking it under some shade. You can park it under a tree or an apartment block where you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight falling on the vehicle. However, if this isn’t possible, then make sure that you are covered with some sunshade while parking your car at some shady place.

There are many ways to keep your car interior cooler in the summer sun. We have provided ten tips that should help you out. If you can’t do all of these things, then try to do as many as possible to see a significant difference in keeping cool. Remember, it’s important to stay safe and comfortable while driving in the hot weather!

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