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Issues You Will Most Likely Encounter with Your Fridge

Are you searching for fridge repair in Salt Lake City? Still clueless about what is making your fridge almost unusable? Modern refrigerators are designed to capture more of the demands of the user, but sometimes, overuse and misuse can shorten the effective life of your fridge.

There are many problems you can potentially encounter. Below are the most common issues, plus some tips to avoid the worst models.

Most Common Issues

  • Water Leak. A water leak is definitely the most prevalent of all issues out there. When you see water dripping from below your refrigerator, a quick response is needed to avert more serious issues.
    Leaking water is usually caused by a defrost drain being blocked by some debris, or, an issue with the water supply line. With clogging, food debris or accumulated dirt in the drain hose blocks drained water to move properly.
    This causes ice to build, and soon after, water that drips from the freezer down to the refrigerator’s base. Flushing the drain and using a pipe cleaner, when the blockage is severe, are the best solutions.
    As with water supply line issues, this may be caused by a clogged or a frozen supply line. Whichever the cause, this affects the ice maker to produce ice, which eventually hinders the water from moving from the dispenser.
    The solution here is manual. By shutting off the valve, you can see where the clog is located.
  • Over-cycling. When your fridge keeps on running (yes, the noise is louder and more constant), it only means you need to dust up your home, or you need to optimize the fridge’s temperature. Over-cycling hampers the refrigerator’s operation.
    And expectedly, with constant cycles, you spend more on energy usage. A refrigerator’s condenser coils can be jammed by accumulated dust, debris, and even pet hair. The coils are usually the most forgotten part when cleaning.
    It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and debris. To solve temperature-led issues, make sure you set the temperature correctly.
    Temperatures that are too low make the refrigerator work more. It is recommended that you set the temperature at the optimum 37 degrees.

Quality Issues: Avoiding the Worst Models

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There are models that usually have issues. And these models have a lot in common. Below are problems the worst models of refrigerators share.

  • Changing Temperatures. The best models should maintain the 37-degree F temperature in the refrigerator and 0 degrees for the freezer. These thresholds should be consistent whatever the temperature is outside. The worst models register changing or inconsistent temperatures.
  • High Energy Bills. Despite existing federal standards, there are still some models that are not that energy efficient. A good model should only cost you around $70 dollars per year in electricity bills. Anything over that should be avoided or replaced.
  • Noisy Compressors. If your fridge (assuming it is not very old) is running noisily, then it needs repair or replacement. Low-quality models release constant compressor noise. You should not, at least, hear the compressor in your living room.

Modern refrigerators provide enough adjustments with the way we store or freeze our food. Yet issues arise with constant use as well as poorer models. To benefit from refrigerators that last long, choose models that follow the manufacturing and regulatory standards.

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