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International Driver’s Permit: Why You Should Apply for It

Are you a constant traveler? Then you should consider getting an International Driver’s Permit or IDP, especially if you prefer car rentals than taking public transportation when visiting a foreign country. If you’re going to the Philippines’ capital, for instance, the first step you should do is to contact a self-drive company to rent a car in Manila. Here’s what having an IDP can do for you:

Why Get an International Driving Permit

The most obvious reason is the privilege to drive in a foreign country. This is a more comfortable way to visit different places, particularly in Manila. You can also use this if you’re in the country for a working visit and you’re staying for a while. No car rental will let you drive their car or even rent it with a chauffeur when you haven’t got one.

You can get fined when you drive without a license in a foreign place. Don’t risk that by not having an IDP ready. It’s hard to get caught without it due to charges and expensive fine you have to pay. Luckily, IDPs contain 10 different language translations, which aim to help local authorities understand its validity. Of course, it contains the English language, which is useful in Manila. Through this, communication is bound to be smoother.

To Simplify Transactions

Having an IDP gives you peace of mind. You may not think you need to rent a car, but it might happen, especially when you’re staying longer than expected. Be ready for that time by having an IDP available.

It’s expensive to acquire this international license, but you get a terrific advantage when you avail of it. Keep in mind that there might be some waiting time when you apply for one, though. Apply weeks in advance to be sure. Make sure you bring the requirements to avoid the need to come back.

Some countries don’t require IDPs, but you can be on the safe side by bringing one. The last thing you want to happen is to get caught and unable to shoe the proper document. It won’t harm to be prepared, so you can drive with some peace of mind that you can show what’s necessary should you need to.

Globe-Trotter Essential

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There are currently 186 countries that accept international drivers. Some would accept the English language like in the Philippines, but — as mentioned above — there are some who don’t understand it. Make sure you’re ready for common translations or have an online translator ready in case there’s no IDP translation for the country you’re going.

Lastly, your approval chances are higher when you have an IDP. Car rentals want to make sure that the people applying for them know how to drive a car as carefully as possible. Your license will serve as a guarantee that you’re a worthy and credible individual.

Get an IDP if you plan to visit a foreign country. This is your chance to rent a car while doing business or taking a leisure trip. Be prepared for authority check-ups by always bringing your IDP. Most of all, choose the most reliable car rental during your stay.

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