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How to Turn Your Apartment Into a Good-Looking Bachelor Pad

Living solo means you have the freedom to decorate your home however you want, without judgment and without compromising your style to appease someone else’s taste.

However, if you feel intimidated or lost as you try to figure out how exactly you can decorate your bachelor pad, here is a little guide to help you out.

Go Industrial

The industrial-style design was popular throughout the 2010s. Happy to report that it is still very much on-trend in 2020.

If you have always admired the sleek and luxurious look of apartments with their exposed bricks and metal beams or pipes, you would be surprised to know that it is easy to achieve. The overall vibe you are going for is “raw” and “unfinished.”

If your home does not come with exposed bricks on the interior walls, you can install brick veneers or faux bricks that you can stick onto any surface. If you are going for the factory vibe, leave beams and pipes untouched and play with industrial molding as decor for an authentic look.

Go for vintage furnishings. Do not be afraid to scour secondhand stores for cheap finds. You can find good pieces from your local Goodwill or even Craigslist. A bit of polishing is what these items need to make them look like they aged gracefully.

As per colors, leave your palette neutral. Although you can certainly add pops of color here and there, neutral tones will allow the industrial details of your home to stand out and become the focus.

A Place of Entertainment

home theatherAs they say, wear your heart on your sleeve. The hobbies and collectibles you once hid under your bed or on a shelf inside your childhood bedroom can now be out on display!

Create a space for the things that you treasure the most, whether it is comic books or sports paraphernalia.

Get glass cabinets to keep your collection safe from dust and other harmful elements that may cause damage. Be sure to install a couple of spotlights or LED strips to make it stand out within the room. If you want a more grown-up look, use industrial shelves to display your collections.

Make Your Bachelor Pad Smart

A bachelor pad needs to be equipped with the latest in consumer technology. As a bachelor, you can invest your money in buying gadgets that will make your life at home more comfortable.

As a movie buff, get the largest television set and the nicest speakers you can buy in the market. With these devices, you can turn your living room into your own movie theater.

Smart lighting and thermostat are great additions to your home, too. A learning thermostat would automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to your preference. Color-changing bulbs allow you to adjust brightness and hue.

If you want to make better meals for yourself or for when you have a guest over, there are smart kitchen appliances that will improve your cooking.

Make It Cozy

Any home should feel warm and welcoming. Even if you want your home to look cool and sleek, it should still be comfortable and cozy.

Do not be afraid of soft textures and tones. A nice area rug in a dark or neutral color palette would fit nicely in any space and still look masculine. Add throw pillows in the same color palette as your couch. And bring out the scented candles to make your space smell nice and romantic when you have someone over.

If you have no idea how to decorate your bachelor pad, the trick is to stick to the basics. Go for colors that complement each other and keep the decor simple but interesting.

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