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How Much Should You Pay a Professional Mold Inspector?

It costs an average of around $660 to hire a professional mold inspector this year, but it’s possible to spend at least $140 for this service based on certain factors.

Your location affects the actual price. If you live in Utah, home inspections in Orem and Salt Lake City typically include mold inspection. Homeowners who live in suburban areas could spend less than their counterparts in cities, where the cost of living is usually higher and hence lead to more expensive rates among contractors.

What to Expect During Inspection

If you plan to inspect a house before buying it, a professional should look into every corner particularly in areas where mold growth isn’t clearly visible. Air-conditioning and heating vents, crawl spaces and wall cavities comprise some of the common inconspicuous spots. Mold growth in windows, fireplaces, and enclosed attic spaces are a bit more noticeable.

On the other hand, the walls in the bathroom and kitchen often indicate signs of mold formation. Cracks in exposed foundation walls could also be a common area for mold. A comprehensive mold testing could last up to six hours or more depending on the size of the house, which means that you should prepare to pay a higher price. An inspection for high-visibility areas like the bathroom and kitchen could only last for up to two hours.

What are the Types of Mold?

Another reason to hire a contractor involves the different kinds of indoor mold. Only a professional could determine the exact type after a careful inspection. Some could even take a quick look and know the specific type right away based on their experience. There are over 10,000 different types of mold, but the common ones found at homes consist of the black, green, pink, white and yellow variants.

person removing mold on the walls
Black mold normally affects areas with cardboard, drywall and wood. This is the most dangerous among the five common types, while the rest are less harmful yet still require immediate removal. Otherwise, these could be the reason why someone in the family always has a respiratory infection or allergic reaction.

Why Mold Exists

It’s not enough to get rid of mold without knowing what causes it. For instance, there could be a damaged pipe behind the walls or a crack on the ceiling. If you have a basement, an unsealed and non-waterproof floor could be another suitable place for mold growth. Leaks from the roof may cause mold to occur when left unsolved as well.

It may cost more to fix any of these issues than mold removal. A comprehensive remediation service may range between $1,100 and $3,400. Ask for free quotes from different contractors to compare the best prices.

When you choose a professional to assess your home’s condition, it’s always better to hire a licensed and insured contractor. While it’s possible to do the inspection by yourself with basic kits, these won’t be as thorough as a professional inspection. Be wary of those who offer inspections for free, since they could look for non-existent problems.

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