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Hotel Renovation and Innovation: Top Ideas for Hotel Owners

In the hotel industry, renovation projects are primarily focused on providing guests with better facilities and experiences. But apart from that, investing in such improvements is beneficial for increasing the building’s fire resilience and energy-efficient, as well as reducing the condensation effect. Renovation projects centered on these purposes are not only helpful for improving the quality of the stay of guests, but also for their health and well-being.

Keep in mind that renovating your hotel should focus on delivering healthy and comfortable indoor climates, and of course, making it look sharp and appealing to guests. Not sure where to start? We’ve listed the top focus areas and ideas for your hotel renovation.

1. Create unique, cozy rooms

If your hotel rooms look the same as others, expect that your guests won’t remember their stay or even get excited about coming back. Get creative and play with materials, textures, and patterns. You can create rooms that are totally different from each other to make guests excited and surprise every time they come to stay. Use diverse decors and color palettes to give each room unique interiors. Embracing diversity is sometimes the best trick to stand out. Still, don’t forget to design the rooms for comfort too.

2. Go for Zen-inspired bathrooms

One of the most popular trends today for bathroom renovations is creating a spa-like experience. After all, there’s nothing more relaxing and luxurious than being in a Zen-inspired hotel bathroom, right? Let your guests have the ultimate room stay by creating a stress-free paradise that exudes the feeling of tranquility and calmness. You can start by decorating it with natural elements such as rocks and stones. You’d also want to use framed or frameless glass shower doors for a modern and cleaner look. As for the bathtubs, oversized ones are the best choice to inspire relaxation.

3. Build striking, multifunctional lobby

We’ve seen tons of hotel renovations focusing on upgrading the aesthetics of the entrance lobbies. That makes sense since it’s literally the first indoor space that welcomes your guests. However, established hotel owners and managers also recommend creating renovations for functionality. Your hotel lobby must offer multi-use spaces for both formal and casual tasks, plugging in devices, and working on laptops. You also have the option to create social and intimate zones that aims to deliver functionality and comfort to guests. This is a great way to the new business traveling trend these days.

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4. Incorporate biophilic design

Bringing nature into your hotel isn’t just a visually appealing trend to go for. It’s also a great way to boost the health and wellness feature of your hotel design. What’s more, this design trend is known for being beneficial in boosting productivity, increasing energy and relaxation, and minimizing stress. A lot of modern hotel concepts these days show what this green living trend can do for a hotel design. Some of the best ideas for a biophilic design include using raw natural materials, maximizing natural lighting, and in general, blurring boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

5. Focus on local arts

Some modern hotel design concepts tend to distance themselves from local elements. Fortunately, a growing number of hotel owners are recognizing the importance of local arts in creating a genuine and unique experience for the guests. Plus, you also get to improve the perception of guests to the local community, helping them engaged more in it. Dare to be more environmentally and community friendly by using local arts to decorate the hotel. So, for your renovation, make sure to bring in local art projects in your design scheme, may it be small art pieces to large-scale projects.

6. Fill it with tech

As you might have already noticed, people love tech. Many can’t live without it. If your hotel lacks the essential technologies guests are expecting to see, you’ll surely lose a lot of money. As a matter of fact, many boutique hotels nowadays use modern apps to provide guests with a more convenient and hassle-free way to communicate with the staff and make reservations. In terms of the hotel stay, give guests the fun and freedom of personalizing their experience by installing new light fixtures and advanced heating and cooling systems. The more smart tech systems you have around the hotel and rooms, the better.

By keeping up with the interior design and hospitality trends, you can provide your guests with an ultimate unique hotel stay and make your place stand out among the rest. Use these ideas to give your hotel better aesthetic appeal and your guests the best experience. Just be sure to also consider your budget and the preference of your potential guests.

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